Dating old spice shaving mugs

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dating old spice shaving mugs

This mug is bilingual, bearing both "shaving mug" and "bol a raser." It includes the marking "P & G" for Procter and Gamble, dating it between and Got this mug at a yard sale on my camping trip last weekend for 2 bucks. Any info would be cool! bottom reads "early american" "old spice". How to Date Old Spice Items. In the realm of There are two kinds of mugs in the Old Spice line, one for shaving and one for drinking coffee. The first shaving.

The first model had three ribs, followed rather quickly, I believe, by the six ribbed model. The ribs appear in all Old Spice shaving mugs that follow with the exception of the Blue Mug issued in This mug held a 5. A paper label like the one shown at right; was attached to the bottom. Early Glass Mug 03 - Early s This mug has the "new" logo shown more clearly bottom right. The original logo on top is characterized by the closed script "O" and "S". In the early s this logo changed to an "O" with in inside loop and an open "S.

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Early Glass Mug 04 - Mid to Late s This mug was introduced in the mid to late s, and is distinctive for two reasons: Note that Mug 04 has a small pennant on the forward mast while Mug 03 does not.

Also, the pennant on the main-mast of Mug 03 is much longer than on Mug Early Glass Mug 05 - Late s to In this mug, produced in late s tothe words "Shaving Mug" were printed in blue beneath the image of the ship.

dating old spice shaving mugs

The ship appears opposite the handle. Here is an Early Mug 05 with a misaligned logo. These are very rare, a testament to the quality control used by Shulton and the Wheaton Glass Company.

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Early Mug 06 - to This mug was sold from about until This is the first mug to have a slight taper to the sides and the words "shaving mug" were dropped. This is also the last mug produced before the introduction of a lip on the top outside edge the Late Glass Mug series. Bottom is marked Old Spice and Shulton with a number that is the mold mark used by Wheaton Glass in the mug manufacturing. This mug introduced a smaller cake of shaving soap at 4.

Late Glass Mug 00 - Early s The graphics on this mug are identical to the Early Glass Mug 06, and the sides are tapered, but note the lip around the top rim.

dating old spice shaving mugs

This mug held a 4. This mug comes in cream color and a pure white. This mug held 4. Note that the ship is slightly different - the pennant is curled above the mainsail and there are no waves beneath the ship. The script "Old Spice" is also a bit bolder. The bottom markings do not indicate a foreign country of origin.

Inthe ship Friendship made its debut on the cologne bottle.

dating old spice shaving mugs

The cologne bottle bears the ship Recovery. In all, Old Spice containers portrayed 16 different ships. In the s, when Proctor and Gamble purchased the brand, the ship became a sailboat.

Mugs There are two kinds of mugs in the Old Spice line, one for shaving and one for drinking coffee. The first shaving mugs in contained shaving soap packaged in a wood veneer box.

dating old spice shaving mugs

After the beginning of WWII, the boxes switched to cardboard. Shulton produced mugs for its international market as well. The most collectible include Canadian, English and Belgian mugs.

One of the most expensive and rare mugs is an English mug produced between and Made by Wade Pottery in England, it features a ship on one side and an Old Spice inscription on the other. Old Spice coffee mugs existed primarily in the s.

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The most common is the "Morning Refresher"; a tall, rimmed mug sold in a gift set along with aftershave lotion and shave cream.

There are two types of this mug, one decorated with the Old Spice ship and one plain. The plain mug is worth nearly double. Other Old Spice coffee mugs include the Nissan mug and the Canadian coffee mug. Aftershave and Cologne Bottles The original Old Spice aftershave and cologne bottles were made of pottery with a metal stopper.

dating old spice shaving mugs