Dating start phoenix wright

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dating start phoenix wright

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 1: The First Turnabout. From StrategyWiki, the video She lived by herself in an apartment and had been dating Larry. For those in the back: Phoenix Wright · Comments · lol · Memes · phoenix wright. Skip. Failbook · Favorite · Phoenix Wright is on the Case! Share. Read Dating Apollo Would Include: from the story Ace Attorney Preferences by Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill, and Diego Armando Officially started on.

dating start phoenix wright

Ace AttorneyPhoenix is a rookie defense attorney who usually accepts murder casesattempting to exonerate his clients when there is seemingly incontrovertible evidence and testimony against them. Rather than simply arguing his case, Phoenix uses detective skills to gather relevant evidence and investigate the crime scene. During the trial, Edgeworth and Larry Butz stood up for Wright, saying the teacher and students had no evidence of Wright's guilt. The class trial was dismissed and the three students became best friends until Edgeworth moved away following his father's murder.

Fifteen years later, Larry would reveal that he was the one who stole Edgeworth's money that day, paying it back in full. While Wright is surprised, Edgeworth gives the appearance that he knew Larry stole his money all along.

While a college student at Ivy University, Phoenix is accused of murder and successfully defended by a defense attorney named Mia Fey. Following Mia's murder, Phoenix takes over the law firm, naming it Wright and Co.


Maya becomes Phoenix's assistant and legal aide, assisting him by setting him up with clients, and by searching for information and clues during cases. As the years pass, Phoenix takes on several cases to prove the innocence of those wrongly accused of murder, developing a name and reputation for himself. He also helps out Maya with the well-being of her younger cousin, Pearlafter her mother's arrest. However, in one case, he inadvertently presents forged evidence to the court, not knowing it was forged until it was too late, and is forced to turn in his attorney's badge.

Adopting a young girl named Trucy Enigmar as his daughter, Phoenix sets up the Wright Talent Agency, turning to playing piano and poker games for a source of income.

Seven years later, Phoenix is accused of murdering a man named Shadi Smith, who has no known past and is simply a wanderer. Phoenix hires a rookie defense attorney named Apollo Justicewho works for Phoenix's friend, Kristoph Gavin, a renowned defense attorney. During the trial, Apollo and Phoenix reveal that Phoenix had been set up, and Kristoph was the real murderer. After he successfully defends Phoenix in court, Apollo is brought into the Wright Talent Agency as their attorney, Trucy changing the name to the Wright Anything Agency.

Phoenix continues to work behind the scenes, helping to bring the truth behind his disbarment to light, as well as implement a jury system to the fictional justice system. After clearing his name, Phoenix retakes the bar exam, regaining his badge and once again becoming a defense attorney. He later reunites with Maya in the fictional Kingdom of Khura'in and helps to change the country's legal system. Ace AttorneyPhoenix must contend with the loss of his mentor and fellow defense attorney Mia Fey.

The game culminates with Phoenix defending rival prosecutor Miles Edgeworth from conviction for the murder of Robert Hammond, an old defense attorney who was involved in the DL-6 case, wherein Edgeworth's father was murdered.

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Going up against Edgeworth's mentor, Manfred von Karma, Phoenix successfully defends his friend and clears him of all charges, and destroys von Karma's 40 year long winning streak. In the course of the game, Phoenix receives a magic Magatama from Maya that is able to reveal whether a person is hiding a secret in their heart, involving the use of Psyche Locks.

He was defended by Mia Fey, who had not taken a case since her first against Edgeworth the year before. Mia exposes the true murderer as Phoenix's girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne, who is later executed. Through Mia's actions and defense, Phoenix is inspired to switch his major to law. Phoenix must also contend with a fake "Phoenix" who posed as him in court and got his friend and former client, Maggey Byrde, a guilty verdict.

Phoenix also faces the mysterious Godota prosecutor who appears to harbor a grudge towards him. It is revealed in the final case, that during his years at the university, he was dating Iris, a temple nun and Dahlia's twin, who posed as her sister to save Phoenix's life from the wrath of Dahlia.

dating start phoenix wright

During a case seven years prior to the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorneytwo months after Trials and Tribulations, he was forced to forfeit his attorney's badge after presenting evidence that, unknown to him, was forged. Two weeks later, he adopted Trucy Enigmar after her father, his client Shadi Enigmar, became a fugitive.

Trucy then renames his office the "Wright Talent Agency", becoming its CEO and one half of the represented talent, with Phoenix being the other half. These cases don't fall behind however with the second case presenting for the first time a mystery in theft, whilst the third case brings back unlucky Maggey as she is once again tried for murder. These two cases are still great in their own right, however the story really shines in the other 3. The series hasn't tried this all too often until now and it really pays off, the first case seems standard at first as it is seemingly wrapped up fairly well, however by the fourth case we see something bigger is afoot with everything coming at an end in the final case, the arc keeps the player interested and interested.

dating start phoenix wright

Even more so is the story of Maya Fey and the Fey clan in general. Its an interesting story with plenty of spirit mediums and vengeful plots. And this is where it all comes together, knowing the characters and the stories behind them will make you really appreciate the final game as everything comes to close. I can imagine the average player enjoying the story regardless, however this game is a great conclusion for any fan of the series and won't disappoint.

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The gameplay is the same as Justice for All but that isn't to say there was anything to change. The game focuses on two main sections: When you investigate the pace is slow and calm usually as you explore places of interest, finding evidence and talking to people about what happened. The magatama returns which allows Phoenix to see when people are lying.

You can then use the magatama to uncover their lie piece by piece by presenting evidence you've found.

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Its a fun and slightly challenging diversion when investigating and really spices things up. Sometimes its a little frustrating when you don't have all the evidence yet and thus can't actually complete it, however its never unclear as to when you can't do it after trying at least once, and the hints it gives to you as you go through it means whilst you may fail a few times you'll never actually get stuck during an investigation. Meanwhile the court-room scenes require you to cross exam a witness whereby you must read their testimony bit by bit, pressing them for more information on the subject or presenting evidence that contradicts their statement, uncovering more lies and more details about the case.

You can still present profiles which adds an extra twist to the game and the health bar remains. And that's pretty much it. The game is quite challenging and you'll definitely reach a few tough spots however its surprising how easy you can pass it sometimes, for example I got really stuck at one part, gave up and when I came back I pretty much instantly figured it out. Its a game best played with absolutely no guide at all as it really gets you thinking and the best moments are when you figure something hard out.

Or when you figure it out, present the right evidence and Phoenix says something completely different to what you had in mind. Oh well, at least it was right. The graphics in the game are highly typical of any Japanese Visual Novel game: The character design is very strong with memorable characters and appearances that make characters unique and memorable, and more suitably, ones that fit with the game.

The game also holds some great backgrounds, especially in the final case. As said, there is a lot of detail in the backgrounds that makes exploring the games locations a delight, even if they are only static images.

dating start phoenix wright

The music in the game is wonderful and as ever, among my favourite in gaming. My favourite themes in this one are mostly around the fifth case, mainly the Elise theme and just a general theme you seem to get whilst exploring the temple grounds, the fifth case really feels like a taste of Japan and a treat to those who enjoy Japanese culture.

dating start phoenix wright

On a side note, as a testament to how great the music is in this series, I recommend anyone who likes it to give a listen to the Ace Attorney Orchestra and Jazz albums, two professionally recorded albums which take themes from the games and remixes them with, well, an orchestral vibe and the other with a Jazz vibe, highly enjoyable.

This is a game for the fans and I think only people who have played the last two games can truly love this game.