Dating tests men give

dating tests men give

All men run a variation of the ho test on every woman they meet. One night he was giving me a ride home after a night of drinking and we. I know more about men than most women but only because I pay attention to people's of a man saying something just to see how you will respond; it's a test. Humans are curious creatures. Read on to see exactly how these men test their ladies on date. These confessions will make you wonder if everything is a test.

The 'Ho Test - Why and How Men Test the Women They Date (part 2)

Understands that he is not the man she needs or wants in her life and moves on immediately. She thinks all she has to do is look cute and sex him down. Understands that mental stimulation is as much a bonding agent as emotional attachment. Is well read or at least watches the news, and has thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of topics.

5 Secret Tests that Girls use to Evaluate Guys

Makes it a point to learn something new every day or so. He will talk about cheating… maybe how a friend got cheated on, or his ex woman cheated on him. He wants to know your stance on fidelity. She has no comment at all on the subject.

Or gets defensive and gives reasons why cheating might be necessary or justified. She discusses the issues and problems openly and honestly and shares with the man her position on fidelity and commitment. He asks how you feel about or your interest in having two men or two women in bed with you, going to an orgy, or participating in some other freaky sexual activity.

Is all for it and down for whatever! May suggest possible participants or break for the telephone and start calling her friends to check availability. Understands that even if he is really interested in such activities, after the fun is over he will trip about what she might do behind his back since she would do all this in his face! He will never completely trust her again.

Our lady tells him that is a great fantasy and she hopes it excites him enough to turn her out in bed. The Booty Call Test: You are just getting to know each other and you notice during your phone conversations that he always wants to talk about sexual things… how you do it, when you do it, where you do it, what you wear when doing it, etc. Lust means more to her than love. Her willingness to engage in sexually explicit conversation with a relative stranger lets him know that she is an easy target for hit and run sex and other user or mind games.

Understands that a man that respects a woman and feels she has more to offer him than sex would not approach in such a fashion. Also knows that sex with no emotional connection gets boring to men pretty fast. She refuses to engage in conversation about her sexual habits and informs the gentlemen that his line of questioning is wholly inappropriate. The Married Man Test 2: He will ask you or ask around about you to see if you have ever been associated with a married man and if so, what you did about it.

Enjoys it to the point that may only seek out relationships with married men. May ultimately threaten him with telling his wife when she gets tired of playing second fiddle.

He would never trust such a woman around his friends that are married! A lady has carried herself in such a way that this is not an issue that is a part of her past or current program. He will have a friend or male relative come over when he is not at home, or call when he is gone, and flirt with or try to get at you to check out how you respond to the game. Laughs and giggles and is pleased. Tells the friend that she does not appreciate the conversation and that he is being very disrespectful to her and her man.

Puts him in check.

dating tests men give

May report the behavior to her man. He knows you know they are together or even married. Goes along with the game. Brags about what she did to her friends, most of whom are equally low class. Tells him that he is trifling and that she does not appreciate his line of conversation. Puts his butt in check.

Men Confess: This Is How I Test The Women I'm Dating

Will begin to drop hints to friend that she may not know him as well as she thinks she does. The Baby Momma Test: He will sit back and observe how you treat and take care of your children — nutritionally, medically, socially, mentally and physically.

Has many different children by different baby daddies. Is quick to drop the kids off with whomever or leave them at home alone unsupervised, to chase after a man or go clubbing.

Has a history of sleeping with many different men and parades them over her children. Smokes weed, snorts coke or gets drunk, sometimes around her children. Demonstrates responsibility for herself and her fertility. Selectively breeding with a chosen man, preferably a husband.

dating tests men give

Responsibly takes care of her household and children who are well mannered, polite, disciplined. The house is clean and neat and the bills paid. The children read books, go to church, etc. The mother loves them, but is not so wrapped up in them that there is no space in her life for a man. The Gold Digger Test: He will pull out a fancy car, diamond rings, designer sportswear or suits, or talk about how much money he makes and his plans for the future to see how you respond.

Want to drive his car, ask where he lives, flip out about how well he dresses, calculates by his job how much money he makes, want to wear his gold chain, or start hinting about what she wants or needs in the way of jewelry, bills paid, nails or hair done, etc. A lady, however, comes to the table with her own and not with her hand out. She is seeking a partnership, not to use someone. The Self Esteem Test: May repeatedly and critically suggest that you get your hair done differently, your boobs enlarged, that you lose weight — that something is terribly wrong and you need to change to suit his tastes.

He may call you stupid, lazy, ugly, a bitch, or even physically abuse you. He will try to control where you go and who your friends are. Allows herself to be mistreated, used, abused, continually disrespected and picked apart with criticism. She allows him to define who and what she is. Understands that a man that appreciates and cares for HER would treat her with kindness and consideration, even if he did have a valid critical comment to make. She does not accept less and informs him that she is not going to accept damaging treatment.

She leaves a relationship rather than endure negativity, power games or controlling mind trips. The Cash Money Test: After sex or spending the night he leaves cash laying around the house somewhere, usually with a watch or pager or phone on top of it. She assumes he left the money for her as payment for services rendered. You invite him over for dinner.

  • Men Confess: This Is How I Test The Women I'm Dating

You two agreed that you would supply the food and beverage, but that he would bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with or after the meal. Smiles and says its okay. Proceeds to serve him a delicious dinner without saying a word about his negative, selfish behavior. May even end up giving him some booty at the end of the night!

Expresses her dismay and that she was looking forward to relaxing with him over a glass of wine. She tells him that she expects the man in her life to keep his promises.

Requests that he head to the nearest grocery or liquor store. This could be a way to see how much you are willing to agree with her on a range of issues. If she finds eager to bend backwards to chime in with her or purposefully taking contrary positions, you could be dismissed as being a weakling in the first case or unnecessarily argumentative in the second. Rather express what you genuinely feel about a controversial issue but do so in terms which are diplomatic and subtle.

Avoid using harsh or abusive language no matter how strongly you feel about an issue and how much she appears to share your viewpoint. For all you know, the woman may be testing your intellectual and emotional maturity as relevant to religious, gender, political or monetary issues. Seeing how you treat others Many smart women believe in the adage that when you want to know the person behind appearances, see how he treats those in a weaker position.

This test of character actually applies to both men and women but in a conventional date it is men who come more often under the scanner since they are directly dealing with waitresses, chauffeurs, ushers and so on. Your date will keep a keen eye on how you are speaking to the person who is taking your orders at the restaurant or how you are behaving with the cab-driver when he has forgotten to give you back the correct change.

If you come off as brash, stingy or a show-off, it is likely she will have second thoughts about meeting you again. So when you are interacting with others on your date, be courteous and considerate to all those who are serving you and even if the service is not up to the mark, handle the matter politely and with a cool head. Your date will not only be impressed by your graciousness but also by your conflict-resolving skills.

Seeing if you are thoughtful Being thoughtful about your partner is much more than arriving for a date with flowers or taking her to an expensive restaurant. Apparently minor gestures like holding the door open for her or making a nice comment on her dress will go a long way in making her feel special.

Then she will wait to see if you have rung up her mother to wish the lady Happy Birthday or whether you make use of music by the band in any way to court her.