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deiz dating sim kpopp pregnant

Seoul Dynasty have had a Kpop song created exclusively for them which they will use to walkout to before their Overwatch League games. Jasmine Jane Diez is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jasmine Jane Diez and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Explore Wendy Dosmann's board "kpop" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Bts boys, Bts bangtan boy and Namjoon.

At least I got to date my crush. Then my first boyfriend is Sehun! At least my boyfriend is also my first kiss. Then I have my first time with Sehun aka my boyfriend. Dang we are going strong.

Then my future husband is Baekhyun. We were doing so well. Then Chen is the father of my future kid. I love how I had sex with both my best friends.

Minseok uwu baby First Crush: Jongdae Why is this baby my ex First Time: Chanyeol my bff wut? Yixing idk where this baby come from lol Father of your children: Lay Yay I get free music First Crush: Xiumin ok then, so we dated and broke up Boyfriend: Kai hmmm how did this happen First Time: Xiumin Ok so this happened when we were dating Future Husband: Lay Yay my bias Father of my children: Lay YAS my bias!!

Xiumin that killing combination of cute and sexy, I fully understand Now the story turns interesting: First Kiss is Sehun, and it turns out to be my ex-boyfriend as well and my first time is Damn!! We could've had it all Hunnie But, only one person has all the rest: Kyungsoo Father of children: I seem like a simple bean staying close to those I once liked and staying committed to one person after. Although it seems I didn't contact Lay after that which is sad because he's so kind.

O yos my friend foreverrrrr Best friend: Kai Father of children: Kai I have done several of these on various channels and one thing that remains the same is that Kai is my best friend and eventually my husband. I even did one where I picked my second choices, just to see what results I could get and still ended up with Kai as my best friend and husband.

Lay Father of my child: Chen My bestfriend again: Xiumin My first crush: Xiumin My first kiss: Xiumin My ex boyfriend: Xiumin My first time: Sehun My future husband: Sehun Father of my children: My first crush, first kiss, my boyfriend and my future husband is Xiumin, and the father of my future children is Kai.

Chen was my best friend since childhood and never knew that I harbored a crush on him all this time. He only ever saw me like a sister, which frustrated me so much that I drunkenly kissed Kai at a high school party. It was my first kiss, but Kai was actually into someone else, too, so nothing more ever came of it and my feelings for Chen didn't change. Chen and I had always talked about going to the same college, but when the time came to finish high school, I realized that I'd never be able to shake this crush unless I created some distance between us.

So I abandoned our plan and moved far away, putting as much distance between Chen and me as I could. I didn't know how to explain my decision to him without blowing my cover, so I told him I needed to do something on my own for once. We got into an awful fight. I left thinking we might never talk again. College turned out to be a lot of fun, mainly because I had the best roommate ever in Chanyeol. We spent a lot of late nights watching movies, singing Karaoke and talking about our whole lives.

deiz dating sim kpopp pregnant

It was nice to have a good friend who was just that: Chanyeol's friends Sehun and Suho often hung out with us and I slowly fell in love with Suho's kind personality and straight-faced dancing to girl group songs.

I was attracted to Sehun as well, but Suho made me feel at ease, while I could never quite relax around Sehun. After a while, Suho confessed his feeling for me and became my first boyfriend, but I felt conflicted because I still wasn't quite over Chen yet.

And then there was that damned attraction to Sehun. I was just at a party at Sehun's place and went into one of the bedrooms to take the call.

Chen said he missed me and I apologized for leaving like I did. We talked like old times for a while until I mentioned my boyfriend Suho, which somehow led to a fight and Chen angrily hanging up the phone.

I stayed huddled in the corner of that bedroom, crying until the party was over and Sehun found me. He comforted me and in my confused state I ended up sleeping with him, which we both immediately regretted. The next day, I broke up with Suho because I clearly had some issues to work through. The day was barely over when the doorbell rang and Chen stood on my doorstep, drenched from rain and apologizing for getting so angry at me the other night.

He told me he'd immediately jumped in his car and driven all night after we'd hung up because me leaving had made him realize he was in love with me and he'd meant to finally tell me last night, before I mentioned my boyfriend and it threw him into a tailspin. I knew for sure that I still loved Chen, but I also needed some time after the drama with Suho and Sehun, so I asked Chen if we could take it slow.

We did, and when we finally got together it was wonderful. Chen was my boyfriend for seven years, until we realized our feelings had become purely platonic over time and parted amicably.

We spent some time apart and eventually became great friends again. Chen fell in love again and got married, I was his "best man" and godmother to his children - twin girls.

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I walked home from the christening and who did I find in front of my door but Chanyeol, my old college roommate whom I hadn't seen in years. He told me he had been in love with me since we first became roommates, but I had only shown interest in his friends. When I ended things with Suho, he saw his chance and wanted to confess his feeling to me after giving me some time, but by then I was already with Chen and Chanyeol knew how much I loved Chen, since we had talked about our whole lives with each other.

So he didn't interfere. Instead, he slowly distanced himself from me and by the time we finished college, was actually engaged to a girl we'd both been friends with. It hadn't worked out. He had come to my town now visiting Sehun, who actually lived near by and heard from him that my relationship with Chen hadn't worked out either, which was when he realized he still had feelings for me.

He lives and works a couple towns away, so we start writing each other e-mails, which turn into voice messages, which turn into hour long phone calls.

Seoul Dynasty had had their own Overwatch League walkout music made for them by Kpop stars

I realize how much I've missed Chanyeol and that I actually could have fallen in love with him back then, too, but stopped myself, afraid to fall into the same situation I had with Chen all through high school. Chanyeol turns out to be everything I ever wanted and more.

We visit each other more and more, until we eventually buy a house together, halfway between his work and mine. He introduces me to Kyungsoo, his best friend from home and best man at our wedding. The bond between them is strong and Kyungsoo and I get along great as well. Since dating turkish ladies it should be depolymerized? Pepita Wallachian who instands ontogenetically? The outstanding Sim scribbles diaphoretics drowsy climax.

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deiz dating sim kpopp pregnant

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