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of track dating, specifically as applied to apatite and other phosphate minerals, and. emphasize .. The basic principles and practical methods of fission track age determination have . management of data collection. Track. Fission track dating is a radiometric dating technique based on analyses of the damage trails, or tracks, left by fission fragments in certain uranium-bearing. This book is focused on the basics of applying thermochronology to geological and tectonic problems, with the emphasis on fission-track thermochronology.

Fission-track dating

To determine the uranium content, several methods have been used. One method is by neutron irradiationwhere the sample is irradiated with thermal neutrons in a nuclear reactor, with an external detector, such as micaaffixed to the grain surface. The neutron irradiation induces fission of uranium in the sample, and the resulting induced tracks are used to determine the uranium content of the sample because the U: However it is not always constant.

The external detector is typically a low-uranium mica flake, but plastics such as CR have also been used. The resulting induced fission of the uranium in the sample creates induced tracks in the overlying external detector, which are later revealed by chemical etching. The ratio of spontaneous to induced tracks is proportional to the age. Another method of determining uranium concentration is through LA-ICPMS, a technique where the crystal is hit with a laser beam and ablated, and then the material is passed through a mass spectrometer.

Applications[ edit ] Unlike many other dating techniques, fission-track dating is uniquely suited for determining low-temperature thermal events using common accessory minerals over a very wide geological range typically 0. Apatitesphenezirconmicas and volcanic glass typically contain enough uranium to be useful in dating samples of relatively young age Mesozoic and Cenozoic and are the materials most useful for this technique. Additionally low-uranium epidotes and garnets may be used for very old samples Paleozoic to Precambrian.

The fission-track dating technique is widely used in understanding the thermal evolution of the upper crust, especially in mountain belts. Fission tracks are preserved in a crystal when the ambient temperature of the rock falls below the annealing temperature. This annealing temperature varies from mineral to mineral and is the basis for determining low-temperature vs.

Because heating of a sample above the annealing temperature causes the fission damage to heal or anneal, the technique is useful for dating the most recent cooling event in the history of the sample. This resetting of the clock can be used to investigate the thermal history of basin sedimentskilometer-scale exhumation caused by tectonism and erosionlow temperature metamorphic events, and geothermal vein formation.

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Fission track dating

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