Kazakh russian international university aktobe dating

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kazakh russian international university aktobe dating

After Crimea's annexation, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov .. Second, there is no specific symbolic date to commemorate, no “gift from ( Almaty); private Kazakh–Russian International University (Aktobe);. Get complete details of Kazakh-Russian International University including available Programs, Ranking data, Fees structure, upcoming Aktobe View map . Segmentation of cosmetic services market in the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakh – Russian International University, Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe,

According to the results of attestation of the Ministry of Education and Science, KRIU confirmed its status of International higher education institution for the third time. Honored guests, who visited the university in different years of its development and growth were Mr. Abish Kekilbaev, people's writer of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

kazakh russian international university aktobe dating

Especially touching and memorable was a visit of Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva to the University. The First Lady of the Republic of Kazakhstan, President of the Sara Alpyskyzy Bobek appreciated the material and technical base of the University and responded very warmly about the atmosphere of enthusiasm, creativity and high spirituality, which she felt in the university.

Kutlu Hakimzhanovich Bakirov, Honored Geologist of Kazakhstan, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, Dr. Educational Programs Currently, there are more than 2, students studying in Kazakh-Russian International University.

Mental development of the individual student plays a big role in the formation of the creative personality of the future specialist.

Kazakh-Russian International University

The University s main partners in the development and implementation of this educational technology are Center of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Education Moscow and the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan Almaty. In the current academic year Kazakh-Russian International University established a laboratory-simulator to develop students thinking systems. The University has also created a Teaching Management Center on credit technology of education based on neuro-linguistic programming.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation sinceKazakhstani students have the opportunity to attend the lectures of foreign visiting professors and get European education according to the three-level model of education: From to1, square metres of public and cooperative housing were built.

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Annually, aroundsquare metres of dwellings were under construction. Most of the buildings constructed during this time were earthquake-proof multi-storey buildings. The Soviet government tried to diversify architectural forms to create a more varied cityscape.

During this period, many schools, hospitals, cultural, and entertainment facilities were constructed, including Lenin's Palace, the Kazakhstan Hoteland the " Medeo " sports complex. It was reinforced a number of times in the s and s. The Aeroflot flight on 1 June was the 55th and last scheduled passenger flight of the Tu Alma-Ata was the host city for a international conference on Primary Health Care.

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The Alma Ata Declaration was adopted, marking a paradigm shift in global public health. It is intended to create ecologically safe, secure, and socially comfortable living conditions in the city.

The main objective is to promote Almaty's image as a garden-city. It proposes continued multi-storied and single-housing development, reorganization of industrial districts or territories, improving transport infrastructure, and expanding the Almaty Metro. The first line of the Almaty metro was launched on 1 Decembertwo weeks ahead of schedule.

The extension of the line to Kalkaman was opened in Picture taken during a temperature inversionshowing smog trapped over Almaty Nevertheless, Almaty has developed a major problem with air pollution.

Agapov, Associate Professor V. Zhanpeisova, senior teacher of foreign languages H. At mids it was not easy to organize an educational process with lecturers holding scientific degrees and titles.

kazakh russian international university aktobe dating

The University met challenges, using its international relations with European and Russian universities, so the competitive faculty was formed. Yagodin, later Rector of International University in Moscow. He was the co-leader of the first educational process and a lecturer of the University as well.

Graduates, who are nowadays specialists intheir sphere, with deep gratitude remembered professorship ofconsidering them to be the best lecturers. Khodov, PhD in Economics Yu. Biryukov, PhDin Economics D. Ashirov, PhD in Economics V. Alexandrov, PhD in Economics V. Serov, PhD in Economics M.

kazakh russian international university aktobe dating

All of them are top-ranking specialists and talented professors. Berdimuratov was selecting that faculty personally because he realized that well-known professorship from reputable universities of Moscow could create a special intellectual innovative context of the university, which has been experienced and supported up to day.

Many years have passed, and the University has experienced a lot of reforms in the system of education. Many leaders from government agency have been changed during 20 years of the university's activity and every turn was followed by new standards, programs and development strategy.

Traditions were replaced by new ones, but the tradition of inviting foreign professorship and leading specialists from organizations was and is still one of the peculiarities and advantages of the University.