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Dec 28, khuntoria fans have been ugly for a while (dating news and 5 years of nothing couldn't stop them), vic has all the right to destroy their delusions. Nichkhun victoria dating calendar. Victoria Day, also referred to as May Long or May Run, is a federal and public holiday in Canada that honors the birth of. Main · Videos; Emma blackberry and luke cutforth dating after divorce calendar nichkhun victoria dating calendar demi lovato dating anyone ford.

Nichkhun x Victoria First "foreigner" couple on WGM, Victoria melted Nichkhun's heart with her signature aegyo while Nichkhun was the most considerate and romantic husband ever! The couple had a veggie garden together and they even flew to Thailand to meet Nichkhun's family! The family loved Victoria, of course! Taemin x Na-Eun Both Taemin and Na-Eun were super shy and awkward at first, but watching the two become more and more relaxed and uncomfortable with each other was so cute!

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Usually a cute maknae of SHINee, Taemin was eager to be more "oppa-like" in front of his wife, and Na-Eun, usually reserved, learned to be more expressive in the marriage! Unlike other couples who were adorable and cute, Jung Joon Young brought his weird, quirkiness into the relationship, driving Jung Yoo Mi mad!

But they were perfect for each other, with Jung Yoo Mi sometimes being equally odd yet sweet. Alex was just too perfect!

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He would cook, clean, and sing for her. He even washed her feet! Perhaps the most romantic couple on WGM, many wanted them to get married in real life!

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[KHUNTORIA 7TH YEARS ANNIVERSARY] Victoria said she doesn't think about marriage anymore! WHY?!!!!

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