Nikon s9500 review uk dating

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nikon s9500 review uk dating

Read our detailed review of the Nikon Coolpix S including comparison of features, user Compare the cheapest UK prices. Optical Zoom, Weight, Camera Type, Megapixels, Release Date Nikon Coolpix S Best UK Prices . Nikon UK Ltd. and other Nikon corporate and store websites ask you to accept cookies and similar Nikon digital cameras are designed so that the firmware can be updated by the user. . COOLPIX A Series, Location, Type, Version, Date Published S, Download Centre, , , 25/06/ The Nikon Coolpix S replaces the Nikon Coolpix S at the top of Nikon Coolpix S review If you're after a cheaper option, the Nikon S's little brother, the Nikon .. Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, price, news and leaks England and Wales company registration number

That is what photography is all about after all.

nikon s9500 review uk dating

The Nikon Coolpix S is an upgrade of the previous S that we reviewed in August which received a Recommended award from us. There are some interesting features that have been adjusted slightly such as the lower 16 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor. That's a drop of 2 megapixels, which isn't such a bad thing. The lower pixel count simply means that noise will be less of an issue. Many new features have been retained for the S which is also available.

nikon s9500 review uk dating

It has a larger 30x optical zoom compared to the 22x zoom on the S This 22x optical zoom is what we saw on the S In 35mm terms it has a range of mm which isn't to be sniffed at.

The size of the lens means that the body bulges slightly at the front to accommodate it. Because of the extra length of range, the camera needs a larger flash to ensure as much spread as possible and this means that the S has retained the pop-up type that has been seen on previous models.

It's automatically activated by choosing the flash function on the pad at the back. Once finished, you do have to push it down manually, though.

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Front Rear Joining the flash on top of the Nikon Coolpix S'sbody, you'll find a small power button indented into the top plate in order to avoid accidental pushing while trying to take a picture.

A small green light surrounds it for easier location. The tiny holes at the front are the left and right microphones for stereo sound video which is also FullHD quality. The shutter release is quite large and the zoom ring has been shrunken to fit into a small cavity in order to keep the aesthetic of the design.

A Command dial is situated next to it on the shoulder which replaces the Mode menu seen on models lower in the Coolpix range. The Command dial allows you to flick through most used modes quicker than going into a menu system. It also displays the turning of the wheel on the screen, so you can see from there. It's also a larger display for anyone struggling to see the small dial. You can choose the typical modes of Auto, Scene selector intelligent autoScene modes and Digital effects, but there's also some scenes that you may use frequently and these are also available such as Back-lit portrait, Night portrait, Night scene and Smart portrait.

Aside from the Auto mode, most of those options will close down the menu system and only allow you to adjust the resolution. The back of the Nikon Coolpix S has taken the typical design of four buttons surrounding a navigation pad and used that. However, because of the inclusion of the aforementioned Command dial, one of the buttons has been removed. It would normally access a small menu system for choosing those modes and would be redundant on the S It also would toggle between Playback and the Shooting screen.

nikon s9500 review uk dating

On the S, you simply tap the shutter release button as though focusing. Front Pop-up Flash The navigation pad has optional menus for self timer, flash and exposure compensation. There's also a macro facility if you press down. The circle of the pad is in fact a wheel and you can use this to quickly scroll through the larger menus.

An interesting point here is the exposure compensation which isn't just that. The camera is ready to shoot within two seconds of you switching it on. In addition to auto mode, there are four standard scene modes on the mode dial as well as a scene mode auto selector, an effects mode for in-camera black and white, selective colouring and so on and a Scene mode that provides access to a further 16 scene modes such as Fireworks Display, Museum and Pet Portrait.

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There's a nice variety of scenes, but you might need to consult the manual to figure out what they do. Fireworks Display, for instance, will hold the shutter open for four seconds. The panorama shooting function works by having you line up the first shot, and then on-screen instructions will tell you to pan the camera around in one sweeping motion to capture the rest of the shots.

The Nikon S will then stitch the shots together automatically in-camera - provided of course you are able to hold the camera steady enough for that one sweeping motion. With no fully manual mode, it's fair to say that the Nikon S is a primarily automatic experience. Though white balance and exposure compensation can be adjusted, there is no way to adjust shutter speed and aperture. ISO sensitivity is adjusted through menu navigation.

It would perhaps have been nice to see a dedicated button for making quick changes to everyday settings, as has been the trend recently in some more advanced compacts. Although the main mode dial on top of the camera is a welcome escape from menu navigation, there is the slight sense that Nikon has tried to pack quite a lot onto it, confusing its purpose slightly.

Once you've cracked the menu system it is a breeze, but perhaps a touchscreen would have made things more intuitive to users new to Coolpix cameras, especially those stepping up from a smartphone. The traditional four-way pad doubles effectively as a scroll wheel, though unless you are familiar with the camera's way of doing things it can be tricky to know whether to scroll left or click left, requiring some time to get to know the quirks of the interface. That said, the dedicated one-press-to-record video button is nicely placed, and the way of accessing scene modes and effects via the main dial on the top of the camera is very easy to use once you've sussed it out.

nikon s9500 review uk dating

If the camera's built-in GPS and electronic compass is turned on, geolocation metadata will be added onto your images. This can be especially fun for holidays - roam freely, then view your photos on a map when you return. You can also view it along with normal image previews on the back of the camera. As well as a range of Instagram-style filters to apply to your images in-camera, there is a 3D Photography function, which you use by taking one photograph, moving the camera to one side, then lining the semi-transparent images up on the screen until they match.

It's intuitive to shoot, but of course you will need a 3D TV or computer monitor to view the results. Movie recording is very straightforward. If you pause the recording and then resume, the camera will produce one seamless video file.

The side of the camera has an HDMI port that can output p, p, and i video. The Nikon wireless utility works on Android and iOS devices, enabling remote control of the camera and giving you the ability to browse and import photos over the camera's built-in Wi-Fi. However, you will need a smartphone or tablet to do this, since there appears to be no in-camera direct publishing capabilities.

Once you have installed the Nikon wireless utility app on your smartphone or tablet, simply turn on Wi-Fi through the camera's settings and then connect to the camera.

Nikon Coolpix S Camera Black MP 22xZoom OLED: Camera & Photo

You will then be able to browse photos that reside on the camera, or enable live shooting mode via your smart device's screen. There is a ridge on the front and a rubber grip on the back, enough to enable you to shoot comfortably one-handed. Autofocus points can be set across the field, to the image centre, or manually with the four-way pad.

In keeping with the Nikon S's promise to be able to track even fast moving subjects at sporting events, there is a motion tracking AF mode and face detection. Combined with the sports scene mode, which takes up to five pictures at a rate of 7. Although five shots at 7.

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The retouch menu enables you to to add any of the filters after the image has been shot, though you can apply them before shooting using the Effects mode. Exposure compensation can be changed by pressing right on the main scroll pad in any scene mode, although it is called 'Brightness' in Auto mode. The flash charge indicator doubles as a charge LED, because the default way of charging the Nikon S's battery is via the camera.

If you want a battery charger in order to charge one battery while using another in the camera you will need to buy this separately. Performance The results of our labs tests for image quality and resolution, and sample images from the Nikon S, are all on the following pages.

The Nikon S has a large 3-inch screen of approximately k dots, which is significantly lower than its k-dot predecessor. However it is an OLED screen instead of an LCD, which helps towards a longer battery life and produces an image viewable even in bright daylight.