Open source dating script downloadable font

open source dating script downloadable font

Browse 's Best Selling PHP Script from CodeCanyon's Global Community of Developers Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM .. YouDate - Dating Script. FontForge is free and open-source outline font editor. Etano is a free open source script that can be used to start a dating or social networking The latest version of Etano can be downloaded from Google Drive.

My Minas patch1 to 1. My Minas patch2 cumulative to 1. New definitions were added. Portuguese translation Contributed by A. Fernandes for osDate version 1.

Thanks and keep up the good work. I did my best Portuguese translation final Contributed by A. I sent the incomplete pack. This is the right one. I hope this could be usefull to someone Language Portuguese from Portugal but it can work with Brasil. Contributed by Ricky Huckle for osDate version 1. Some words required no translation as they are universally accepted with the English.

Contributed by Darren Gates for osDate version 1. Based on work of A. Fernandes with some corrections and for version 1.

Contributed by did a. Zo zijn alle error messages nog in het engels. Daar heb ik nog geen tijd voor gehad en ik vond het niet zo belangrijk. Please considere this file and not the old. I hope this could be usefull to someone Language Portuguese from Portugal Contributed by Rudolf from Flensburg for osDate version 1.

Calendar, translating, rating system, Firefox: Contributed by Jorge Angulo Babroo for osDate version 1. The UK postcodes are a bit more "complex" than the US ones, with 27million of them. Contributed by swan for osDate version 1.

Upload this file, upack and copy to proper directory. Discusions and fresh versions are aviable on http: Contributed by Antonio Mira for osDate version 1.

osDate - Darren's Script Archive

Serbian Language for Osdate 1. In de admin ook het grootste deel aangepast. Ik ben uitgegaan van de versie die Jan de Graaf had geplaatst Contributed by stef25 for osDate version 1. Many removed orthographical faults. I hope that it is all ok. For improvements to write to me. If you are currently using osDate 1.

open source dating script downloadable font

Contributed by Kai-Uwe Uebner for osDate version 1. Contributed by Knuty for osDate version 1. Please rename the file to. Please see the "readme. Specifically, you must re-load the language fil Contributed by Maxpn for osDate version 1. Catalan translation for 1. Contributed by Francesc for osDate version 1. Complete translation to spanish, I will be thankful you say to me if it has some error. Contributed by Herman van Hazendonk for osDate version 1.

General Features

Don't they realize how hard it's going to be for them to find a partner? Sometimes you just want to take t This is a way to quickly transfer 's of files to your remote FTP server.

Requires a local PHP server to compress the files to a. Unfortunately no coordinates are available at this time and we all hope that paksitan will be adding this to their global postcodes database. You need to rename meta-equiv to name an Anti-Robot Validation Contributed by daniel macdonad for osDate version 1. It also protects against automatic registrations. Multiple validation boxes can be placed on a single web page. For a demonstration go to http Anti-Robot Validation Contributed by daniel for osDate version 1.

They have the wrong script included. Plus, this archive contains the registration and admin pages already installed with the necessary PHP code.

There is 3 images representing Man, Female, and Couples. Contributed by Rajeev for osDate version 1. This is the last information published by the oficial postofice on Brasil. Later i'm going to Contributed by osdate 2. Contributed by decserver for osDate version 1. Contributed by HotFrog for osDate version 2.

I forgot Monaco - Monte-Carlo Contributed by. Backup Database - one click backup process for your database containing precious member data. Template Based - the design of the site stays separate from coding. Your designer can do their job without affecting the developers or vice-versa.

Cache - to support high-volume sites, most of the data is cached. Instead of accessing the database for every request, data is fetched from the cache for faster delivery and low database load.

Smart Cron Jobs - there are a lot of periodic maintenance jobs that need to run to keep the site running smooth. Still, you will have to setup only 1 job, 1 time.

Unencrypted, Unencoded - that's right, you get the full source code so you can make your own changes to the script if needed.

User Features Photos - unlimited number of photos, public or private. Ability to leave comments on photos. Saved Searches - members can store their favorite search criteria to easily make the same searches later. They can also receive alerts based on the searches and they can make one of the searches the default search.

Profile Search - ability to search by any field, distance, location country, state, city. Basic and advanced search forms available. Advanced Mailbox System - member to member messages and flirts.

User mail folders and message routing i. Outbox support, Spambox junk folder support. Ability to save message drafts to easily send the same message to more members. Blogs - personal blogs for each member.

open source dating script downloadable font

Quick access to latest blogs, most popular blogs, most viewed. Ability to search by keywords. Comments - members can leave comments on other members comment boards, photos and on blog posts. Member Networks - members can add other members to their network of friends, favorites, etc. Block Member - members can block other members from contacting them in any way. Customizable number of registration pages. Complete control over the visibility, editability, searchability of profile fields.

Etano Community Builder Script

Customizable Flirts - define any number of flirts. Flirts can contain text, images, flash. There are 2 types of flirts: