Outlook 2010 nk dating

Moving Outlook to a New Computer

outlook 2010 nk dating

Please reference the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles on how to import NK2 files into Outlook: Outlook sendangsono.info How can I run a search, in all mail folders, to determine how many / what emails I recieved in a specific day? Thanks & Cheers. I have an updated instructions at Moving Outlook to a new Windows which one is the one with your data, look at the file dates and file sizes. In this folder you'll have the NK2 (autocomplete nickname file), SRS (send.

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How Do I Populate The AutoComplete Name List In A New Outlook Profile?

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outlook 2010 nk dating

What if I do not have access to a telephone. However, the Fijian people have not lost their culture. She looked to her plate with the nibbled on piece of meat. Outlook needs to be closed to copy the PST. Outlook can hold PST files open for as long as 30 minutes after you close Outlook, so if you receive any errors when copying the PST, wait and try again. The screenshot is from a computer with Outlook installed - the obi file is used for RSS feeds.

If you are using Outlook on the old computer, it does not need to be moved.

outlook 2010 nk dating

This makes it easier for you to see the files you are copying. You can also choose the option to Show hidden files and folders, although its not necessary since we are in the hidden folders.

outlook 2010 nk dating

You'll copy the PSTs to the new computer. If you have several PSTs in the folder and aren't sure which one is the one with your data, look at the file dates and file sizes. Next, get the other support files. Paste the following line into the address bar. If you are using macros, you'll need to move the VBA file and many users like to copy the NK2 so they have their autocomplete list.

Outlook uses outcmd. This contains your toolbar customizations and it does not need to be moved to the new computer.

Moving Outlook to a New Computer

Also export names on the safe and blocked senders lists. The VBA project goes into this folder also. If the Outlook folder does not exist under Microsoft, create it. It's easier to find and backup your PST files when they are easy to find. Outlook will use a folder under My Documents, so you might as well get used to it now.

If you really want to use Outlook's default location, click on AppData in the address bar then browse to Local - Microsoft - Outlook and put the PST file s into the folder. If you use the Category view, Mail is under the Users group; in Win7 bit, Mail is under bit applications.

Click the Show Profiles button. Click Add to create a new profile. Enter a descriptive name for your profile. Enter the name you want to use for your display name, your email address, and your password.

outlook 2010 nk dating

If your mail provider supports autodiscover, Outlook will set your account up for you. Most large ISPs support autodiscover. If your ISP doesn't support autodiscover or you want to set up an account using other server options, click the "Manually configure Choose the account type and click Next. Enter your name, email address and mail server names as well as your password.

After Outlook sets up the account using autodiscover, you can click the Manually configure server settings box to get into More Settings. Video Tutorial covering Steps 3 - 5 Step 4: More Settings If you are back at the profile selection dialog, select your profile and click Properties to get to the More Settings button. Configure additional server options in the More Settings dialog, including leaving mail on the server and alternate SMTP ports.

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Enter a Reply to Address, if using an address different from your account address on the first screen. Most people don't enter a reply address.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Getting to Know Outlook

Configure your outgoing server authentication. If you aren't sure, check your mail provider's support website.

Set up an Out of Office reply in Outlook / /

Configure specific Internet connection properties, if needed. Most people will use the defaults. Configure alternate ports if used for incoming and going email on this tab and set POP3 accounts to leave mail on the server, if desired. If you aren't sure if you need to use an Alternate port, check your mail provider's support.