Palynology dating games

Keywords:Radiocarbon Age; Carbon Reservoir; Delta Peat; Brackish Molluscs; Palynology. ABSTRACT. Dating of major sea-level changes using shells or. Each year seed-bearing plants release large numbers of pollen grains. This process results in a "rain" of pollen that falls over many types of environments. ternary palynology is being used in geological studies to identify relation, dating of strata, and ancient environmenta conditions . games. With the aid of technological instrumentation large quantities of data are collected and processed in.

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palynology dating games

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The Black Sea Dating Game and Holocene Marine Transgression

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palynology dating games

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Dating Techniques - Pollen Dating (palynology)

Pollen records were analysed using constrained cluster analysis statistics CONISS and palynostratigraphic correlation was made using the chart of Filipova-Marinova et al. We also examined algal and fungal spores, zoomorphs, micro-charcoal and other kerogen to assist in determining the paleosalinity of the peat deposits and the sources of associated clastic sediment Figure 2. The plant fragments [8] were identified by transmitted light microscope studies, using illustrations and descriptions of Gale and Cutler [22].

For micropaleontological studies of foraminifera and ostracodes, samples 50 g weight were soaked and washed in distilled water, sieved on a 63 mm-mesh, dried at room temperature, and split by microsplitter. About fossil foraminifera and ostracoda were hand-picked for ecostratigraphic analysis; sources of identification and illustrations of key species are given by Yanko-Hombach et al. The microfossils are grouped by ecological preference as oligohaline 1 - 5 psustrictoeuryhaline 11 - 26 psupolyhaline 18 - 26 psuholeuryhaline 1 - 26 psu.

palynology dating games

Results and Discussion Our study of the herb pollen assemblages and associated leaf material study shows that the peat from 3. Microfauna in Core also show three depositional environments: Brackish conditions are indicated by oligohaline 1 to 5 psu and holeuryhaline salinity 1 - 26 psu foraminifera [8]. Presence of holeuryhaline species among the foraminiferal assemblage starting from the bottom of the core indicates an influence of Mediterranean water from 8.

Our new AMS-dated peat samples are from clayey black peats with charred wood fragments at 2. These lowest peats have the highest percentages of of submergent and floating pondweeds Myriophyllum, Nymphaea, Lemna and Azollaand the emergent aquatics are sedges and Sagittaria, indicating lower delta ponds with moderately clear water.

Comparison of ages from the wood and detrital organic silt extracted from the peat at cm, however, reveals that a the organic silt is years older than the plant fragments from the same sample, despite repeated acid treatment to remove a whitish coating possibly indicating calcareous residue.

Our new data based on carefully isolated plant materials on the peat layers of Core can be compared with previous AMS dating [1,7] of bulk unspecified peat from 1. Our palynological inspection of the peat at 1. Our study of the uppermost detrital peat at 1. If in place, comparison of the paired shell versus peat ages implies a yr hardwater effect HWE for the pre-DLS time, which is at the upper limit of the average HWE range determined by Soulet et al. A Dreissena shell from 76 cm from above the peat datum is older by yr.

Further discussion focuses on comparison with the work of Nicholas et al.