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Listen to SleepyCast S2:E15 - [Totally Consensual Dating Simulator] and 80 other episodes by hosts for the evening:Oney (sendangsono.info) Ricepirate . (sendangsono.info)Spazkid. SpamClamberton responds: you'd make a great patient. Mario's Date. January 19 , Love the motion, so fluid. Really lovely work man. I feel like there's a ton. Newgrounds - The Foundation of the Future of Animation . I was so disappointed when I started dating and didn't get laid by answering a series of into the lives of PsychicPebbles, StamperTV, Oney, Spazkid, RicePirate.

We can hear him openly talking about his horrible health state and cheap excuses regarding the fat department in the following video, plus some bonus we hope prophetic words by Dany Sexbang about what is going to happen during the next 10 years of Arin's live Now Arin is only known as a let's player or "that retard from Game Grumps" but he still insists that he's an animator despite the fact that he hasn't done any real animation work in over a year.

ricepirate newgrounds dating

The last "egoraptor animation" was released over eight months ago and was predominantly animated by an animation studio he hired but to avoid looking like a washed up piece of shit he hides in the past, desperately clinging to the last shards of integrity and fame left over from his time as an animator. God forbid he come to grips with the fact he is a freeloading manchild who's financial support comes from a bunch of friendless 10 to 14 year-olds.

Him and the shitty YouTube music duo Ninja Sex Party got together to form Starbomb and made a whole album of "video game rap music" because that didn't sound like a moronic concept to them the album featured shitty rapping by Arin as he has no musical talent. The album was a cringeworthy piece of shit. It's humor relied entirely on video game references and childish sex jokes.

If the listener made it through to the end of the songs, they were to bear witness to some of the worst punchlines ever written. The jokes where so bad, they've been reported to have caused people physical pain. Some of those punchlines "I choose toad, his whole body's shaped like a dick" "My scrotums" "Oops I killed the puppies" "Well he is dead, looks like I have won at twister" Arin's White Knighting[ edit ] The only funny thing to ever happen on Game Grumps Whether or not Arin has always been a piece of shit is unclear.

Some say he's become progressively worse over the years.

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Regardless one thing's for sure now, he's a huge beta faggot. He's been catering to obnoxious, overly sensitive social justice warrior types; walking on eggshells, apologizing for making "offensive" jokes in reality these jokes are about as offensive as a block of butterspouting feminist bullshit and even going so far as to use trigger warnings on YouTube. Arin is not very intelligent so when it comes to serious discussion, he often says incredibly stupid things and makes himself look like a fuckwit.

He has a nasty habit of running his mouth on subjects he knows nothing about. In the early days of the GamerGate movement, Arin jumped on his twitter to defend Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesiana pair of toxic pseudo-feminists who have been proven to be liars and scam artists. It was clear Arin had done no research on the matter but why would he bother looking into the facts when there were fair maidens in need of saving? Unsurprisingly this poor attempt at humor backfired and they lost a significant chunk of their fans.

Apparently they didn't realize that attacking your audience can be detrimental. Arin likes to bring his wife Suzy into his videos to try and promote her, only with complete disregard for the fact that most of his fans hate her. If she fucks up in any way during a video Arin will preemptively defend her.

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Much like her make up, he puts a lot of effort into trying to make her look good, but to no avail. Oney openly dislikes film composer Hans Zimmer, believing his compositions are "bland". Although he has later stated that he likes some of his music. Like Arin, Chris openly dislikes the Uncharted game series and BioShock Infinite, despite them being considered critically acclaimed masterpieces.

ricepirate newgrounds dating

He also dislikes God of War. His negative comments on the widely acclaimed title caused an overwhelming backlash on Twitter, for which he never apologized for and remains firm. Oney's let's play series "Oney Plays" used to be recorded in the Grump room, now it's recorded in Ding Dong and Julian's apartment. Oney once witnessed a childhood friend poke the eyeballs out of a caterpillar with a pencil, as well as another friend tear off the legs of several daddy long leg spiders so nothing was left but their tiny ball-shaped bodies.

Oney believes that if he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft an Wizardry, he would be sorted into Hufflepuff. Oney didn't stop playing with toys until he was Oney claims that Bionicle for PS2 is one of the worst games he has ever played.

Oney once had to write 25 page paper on what he did wrong that motivated his teacher to punish him at school, resulting in him harboring an intense hatred for educators. Oney's father runs a pound shop in Ireland. He used to work at the shop part-time in his youth.

ricepirate newgrounds dating

Oney states that if he never got into animation he probably would still be working at the shop to this day. Oney once found a dying dog on the side of a highway in Ireland.

When he approached the dog to check if it was alive, a black pit bull jumped out of nowhere and nearly killed him.

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Oney dislikes the ocean, claiming it is full of dead bodies and condom water. Because of this, Oney also dislikes seafood. Oney claims that he was nearly grabbed by a giant crab on the seabed after jumping into the ocean from a great height.

Many of his colleagues have considered this story false.