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shenzhen expat dating

Shenzhen online dating for Shenzhen singles. Daily Active Members. Many expats simply live out of their suitcases, but not me. The heaviest things I Guangzhou people prefer Guangzhou and hate Shenzhen. Now we have some travel and Shenzhen dating culture tips for any tourists or new expats who are traveling.

Divorce also no longer carries the stigma it once did, and in urban China the rate is rising fast. The time when people who married young with the encouragement of their families felt they had no choice but to suffer through a disappointing marriage is drawing to a close. This is particularly the case when both partners are financially independent in their own right.

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So what of dating foreigners? It both complicates and simplifies issues.

shenzhen expat dating

Given that the vast majority of inter-cultural relationships here are between foreign men and Chinese women, the classic problem is of men here for the short-term with no intention of committing, and women who may not realise or believe this. Beijing has a big party scene and is perceived as a place where white men in particular punch above their weight — the man who considers himself of average looks and charm in his home country may find himself more in demand.

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But while intentions may be harder to decipher and cultural confusion may cause hurtful misunderstanding, the foreign partner can also circumvent social expectations. He or she will not be expected to observe all the family niceties and can blunder along saying the wrong thing to a future parent-in-law without being held responsible.

Anecdotally, Western women also report difficulty finding partners here — Western men tend to date Chinese women, and Chinese men show little interest in them as well. In other words, in the normal run of things foreigners are more likely to encounter locals who might date them simply because of the places they frequent. Linguistic difficulty can get in the way too. Of course, there are plenty of sincere marriages between local women and foreign men and the other way around.

Foreign spouses have the same rights as Chinese do in terms of property ownership, divorce law and so on. Why did I choose GZ? I liked the city.

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I planned to do more research of Guangdong Province for my writing projects. I even wanted to study Cantonese. Next there was the hassle of putting all my things in boxes, had a going-away bar-hopping party night with friends at the local lesbian bar, and yuan later I moved.

shenzhen expat dating

My Guangzhou year had begun. I lived in an epically luxurious garden, in a giant two-bedroom apartment for me to enjoy all by myself. With a clubhouse next door complete with gym. I was to start over and be oh so productive. All this relatively in the middle of nowhere. This was Panyu District, which is a suburban district. I lived in the distant suburbs, not the city proper.

Every other weekend there was something to do. Bit by bit, I did build up something there. I enjoyed the art scene, the music scene, starting making friends,and learned all I could learn about the overwhelming giant mega-city of Guangzhou. Yet, for that entire year I had no girlfriend.

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I wanted a girlfriend, I like having a girlfriend. I tried, I rejected, I was rejected.

shenzhen expat dating

Never seemed to work out. My how I dated. Not too much asshole I hope. I got extremely into Internet dating. No luck on Okcupid.