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the dating guy code mtv

To be honest the dating show was brought up to me, MTV basically I have a history with them because of "Guy Code", maybe they liked what. Jun 18, As we all know, Girl Code is a spin-off of Guy Code. How do you feel about being a part of MTV's newest franchise? Long: I love it. I love Guy. Andrew Schulz of MTV2's 'Code' franchise (MTV). NEW YORK As with “Guy Code,” dating, grooming and bodily functions are all covered.

Carly who was already staying alone at the time had to move back in with her parents to help her recuperate. After her recovery, Carly took a day-shift job at a saloon which gave her the nights to start-up her stand-up career. Eight months into her stand-up career, Carly successfully auditioned for Girl Code which would ultimately become her breakthrough.

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She has used her Girl Code break to advance her career. Carly has hosted several live events for MTV and continues to do stand-up.

the dating guy code mtv

Carly Aquilino Family Carly has two older brothers, born in and respectively. They all attended the same high school in Long Island. One of her brothers owns a tattoo shop in Florida called Evolution Art. Her mother works in a middle school.

Her family has been extremely supportive of her career from day one.

the dating guy code mtv

Aquilino has once revealed that her family is her biggest fan. She says they come to her shows all the time with their friends and watch all the TV shows she is in. They met in at her auditioning for Girl Code. Fans always love these types of matchups… and the couple knew it as they frequently posted cute snaps of themselves on Instagram to the viewing pleasure of their fans. Girls can do the wildest stuff and we are so forgiving.

Did you have a say in the contestants that got picked?

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Oh yeah, just for me I want more information. I like to be very involved in any project that I am doing. If we are looking at this person I am like, I need another video, that is not embarrassing enough, I need you to dig, I need a different status update.

I need something like… OK!: I actually do hate dogs… AS: I like babies though, that is what I always say to redeem myself. That is so cute, you actually said that to me because you felt judged. This is a perfect thing for the show.

the dating guy code mtv

Because this guy could be dog guy. You know what I mean, every picture is him… OK!: Are you telling me I could be a good contestant?

MTV’s New Dating Series ‘The Hook Up’ to Premiere Monday, October 14

You might be one of the daters! What celebrities do you want to dig up some dirt on? We never see any bad press about him. But he has got to be into some weird stuff do you know what I mean?

the dating guy code mtv

He dates a lot, so you never know! He dates a lot there has got to be something…I would love it if he had some weird Titanic fetish where he just has a remake of the front of the boat in his house and he just makes girls just go stand there and look out. What about MTV stars. Who would have the most dirt there? This is what I wanted to do, I wanted to take some of the people from the various shows that were single and hook them up, or put them in the dating pool.

But who do I think would have the most dirt?

the dating guy code mtv