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Lancelot is a ladies man, and defeats competitors that no one else can. A major strength and weakness of Lancelot, is his devotion. He is devoted to his wife, Gwenyvere, and his love for her is his downfall. Thor, is a God. Thor has a magic hammer that he uses to defeat his enemies and when he throws it the hammer always returns to him.

Without the hammer Thor is weak. Thor goes as far as to compromise his honor by dressing in drag to retrieve his hammer when it is stolen. Both characters value honor. These men go pretty far to gain honor, and keep it too.

Thor compromises his honor, but he seems to regain it by slaughtering everyone on the island of the giant that steals his hammer from him. Lancelot sets aside his love for honor. He swears to devote himself to God and his quest, even though in the end he ultimately fails his quest, he puts his honor over his relationships.

Bringing these two texts together illustrates the importance of honor in medieval times. The fact that Thor is a God, but has the capability to die is significant because it shows that dying for your men and people was viewed as an honorable act. The same goes for putting quests and the good of the people over relations concerning love and marriage. It is one thing to be strong and mighty, but when you have to give something up, that shows great strength.

The fact that to have honor you must sacrifice something draws parallels with the church. To have great authority in the Catholic church you must devote yourself to God, meaning you can not get married. In medieval times religion and state rule were linked, so it would make sense that if religious leaders had to give something up, that other people of great honor would have to do so as well. Alison Reed on October 20, at 4: Both Roland and Sir Lancelot are the best at what they do.

They are both powerful and strong men. They are highly favored by the people around them. Sir Lancelot is called by many the greatest and most honorable knight. Even though King Arthur is coming to attack Lancelot and his men are all telling him run, Lancelot refuses to fight. He tells his men he is reluctant to shed blood against Arthur. His solution to the problem?

trekkingschuhe herren testsieger dating

Send a messenger and ask for peace, because peace is a much better solution than violence. Lancelot is extremely noble when it comes to this situation. In another instance, he refuses to continue to fight Sir Gawain when he is injured because he knows it is dishonorable. Much like Lancelot, Roland is a noble and strong warrior.

He is sent by Charlemagne to fight and is devoted to keeping his promise to the king and their kingdom. Even though Oliver warns him that they will be overpowered, Roland refuses to call for help. When Roland dies, he is mourned and respected by his people.

Unlike Lancelot however, Roland does not think about the consequences of fighting and battling the Saracens.

He does not seek out peace and instead blindly follows orders and refuses to believe any other side but his own is right. By bringing these two together it really shows the value that honor held in both time periods. To be honorable meant that you were held in high esteem. Dying in battle doing something for your kingdom was one of the most honorable things of all.

Both men were strong, not just physically, but emotionally. By comparing Lancelot to Roland, you can see the very clear differences of morals.

Mentioned above, Lancelot refuses to fight Arthur even though Arthur may have been in the wrong. All in all, while they share similarities, comparing them reveals the distinct differences between them. Kate Rowland on October 21, at 8: Both were divinely blessed at young ages, Galahad before he was even born, and were completely devoted to their religion and to god.

This lead them both to achieve greatness later in their lives, however, their fated ends are drastically different, adding conflict to the views of divine power being given to those destined to use it. Sir Galahad is conceived when Launcelot is tricked into sleeping with Elayne of Corbin, who is the daughter of a family with a lineage stretching back to Joseph of Arimathea, the legendary keeper of the Holy Grail. While Joan was not fated before birth to achieve great things, she was eventually visited at the age of She saw visions of a figure she identified as Saint Michael who told her she would be visited by Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret would soon follow and advance her instruction and that she must go to succor the King of France.

Both were the ones worthy enough to have their fates revealed to them, whether that be finding the Holy Grail or being the savior of your country, and both successfully fulfilled their divine duties.

However, their stories did not end the same. Galahad bids Percival and Bors, his companions, farewell, and angels take him to Heaven. Joan, on the other hand, did not receive the same glorious send-off.

During her time, she was captured by The Duke of Burgundy and thrown in numerous prisons around England after many escape attempts. To the end, she continued to claim that the angels she had heard all her life were real, and she called upon them for help as she burned to death.

This I feel shows a great conflict between the mythic ideals of being divinely blessed and then what seems to be a real-life example of the same. Gianna Braskis on October 22, at 5: The first thing that I noticed right off the bat is that both characters are considered to be the main protagonist in their stories.

They are both strong, bold warriors in a way. Another similarity I noticed between the two is their weapons. In both stories, their weapons are very important symbols and seem to only be used by the characters they belong to.

The difference I recognize in this is that King Arthur surely could have been a real person due to his realistic features unlike Thor to some degree. From the reading, I did not only find similarities and differences between the two, but I feel as though I had revealed something about them.

Daniel Rupert on October 22, at 9: Both stories take place in a time period where a very powerful king ruled supreme over his kingdom. Feudalism is very popular in this time period and knights are seen as very important individuals. Both Sir Gawain and Roland were great fighters whom everyone from their respective civilizations respected deeply. The much more important and interesting similarities come later in their stories, though, when both of the characters are about to meet their demise.

Sir Gawain dies an honorable death in a battle, because of a reopened wound to his head. Roland and his army fall under attack from the Pagans, and they find they are greatly outnumbered. He was very wrong, and finds himself blowing the Oliphant anyway, after his rear guard is completely destroyed. Roland suffers from blowing his Oliphant and dies. The main similarity between the two men is that both of their deaths were completely avoidable, but were brought about because of their ignorance and blind pride.

If the two men were not so proud and accepted defeat or calling for help, they probably would have survived the ordeals that caused them to die.

They believed that accepting defeat in a challenge and calling for help was a sign of weakness, and this is the reason why they ended up dying. This is interesting because it says a lot about the time period and the societies that both of these men were living in. Even death was something that could be seen as manly, if it was an honorable death in battle. Gina Morgan on October 22, at 9: Along with this, they are both extremely loyal to one another and oh yeah, love the same woman, Gwenyvere.

In regards to Gwenyvere, both Arthur and Lancelot are too ashamed to face the truth that Gwenyvere is having an affair with Lancelot, so both men try to brush it aside rather than facing it head on. With all those similarities, there are some differences. I believe the main difference is that Arthur is more of a leader than a fighter and Lancelot is the complete opposite. Since Lancelot is the head knight and all, he sort of HAS to be a good fighter, which he is.

Arthur is deemed a good enough fighter, but he is much better off as solely a king, especially since he is an excellent feudal lord. I believe these two characters are important in seeing how things were back in those times and how two men can be so different, yet so similar. Anthony Coleman on October 22, at 9: Firstly, both characters are distinguished by their signature swords: Roland, however, is also distinguishable by his summoning horn, the Oliphant.

One key difference between the two figures is their actual historical status. The main big difference between the two characters is their particular hubris. Roland, unlike Arthur, is passive in terms of personal pride. He does not want to call his Uncle for help by blowing the horn since he believes he can fight off the Muslim forces by himself, despite being greatly outnumbered. Eventually, Roland realizes his problem and confronts it, unlike Arthur.

Roland blows the Oliphant, but it costs him his life. One man lived on to reign as a king, another died trying to think like one. Kathleen Burrell on October 22, at King Arthur and Thor were both great warrior figures whose legends focus on their actions in battle.

King Arthur and Thor were both very honorable. King Arthur marched his armies into battle against his favorite knight, Lancelot, and his son, Modred, because they disrespected him. Furthermore, they had both tried to take what he thought belonged to him, his wife Gwynevere.

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Likewise, Thor, had fought the frost giants because they had stolen his hammer, Mjollnir. This act of disrespect caused him to deceive them and, later, kill all of them because they had stolen what belonged to him.

When he lay dying, Arthur sent one of his men to throw the sword into the sea. Upon doing so, women in cloaks took Arthur away as he died and held a small funeral service for him. Thor and Arthur were both violent, but still honorable. However, they are not mirror images of each other. Arthur cared so deeply about those he was close to, in a way that could have impeded his judgment. He cared so deeply for Gwynevere that he waged war not once, but twice.

After his nephew died before his eyes, his only goal thereafter was to defeat Modred. This may have contributed to him going against the advice of his advisors.

trekkingschuhe herren testsieger dating

Thor, however, showed little personal connection to anyone else in his legends. Additionally, Thor was much more violent than Arthur. In every tale that he is in, he becomes angry and tries to kill whomever is opposing him.

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Arthur, rather, was open to peace in his legends. The comparison of these two figures suggest the similarities and differences of their corresponding cultures. Norse culture, like Thor, put great importance on respect and on violence. Although peace was preferable, they were quick to fight and to settle things with their hands. Early British culture put great importance on possession, respect and loyalty. These values, very simply, show the characteristics of societies for which we only know about through the stories they tell.

Tyler Van Nosdall on October 22, at King Arthur and Thor are two very comparable characters. King Arthur was the only one who can pull the sword from the stone until he later begins to use Excallibur and Thor has his hammer, Mjolnir. Both Thor and Arthur are these amazingly strong, brave, and fantastic men who are the great heroes that they are made out to be in their respective myths.

Thor and Arthur are both very noble and honorable characters in their respective myths as well, but Thor is much more big headed and full of himself than Arthur is. Also while Arthur and Thor are both very noble and famous, Thor is not an actual king, while of course Arthur is one of the most famous Kings in all of history.

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Thor is a god, so he could even be seen as above the Kings, while Arthur is the greatest king and in many ways, he could be seen as a god, but this is not a definite. Arthur and Thor both also went on to inspire the heroes of the future in many ways. These amazing heroes have been and will continue to be remembered throughout history.

Heather Shaw on October 22, at The characters Roland and Sir Lancelot are both very chivalrous knights and are both admired by many, including high royalty. These two stories demonstrate the importance of bravery and honor in society at the time they were written.

trekkingschuhe herren testsieger dating

When he is attacked by the men Ganelon sends out for him, he is clearly outnumbered, but refuses to call out for help. Roland believed that God would help him prevail and if he were to call out for help, he would be dishonoring his country He fought not only himself and his own reputation, but more importantly, for his men and God. When Roland dies in this battle, he becomes a martyr and is even more respected after his passing.

Sir Lancelot is also a celebrated knight and makes a decision that heavily reflects on his character. When Sir Lancelot is given the option to fight King Arthur, he instead makes the noble decision to send a messenger to propose peace. Much like Roland, when he was presented with a choice, rather than acting on the easiest option, he does whatever is as chivalrous and noble as possible.

Lancelot knew how strong he was, but he also knew that asking for peace is better than starting a fight. Although they can sometimes be prideful, their main goal is always to protect and fight for God, their king, and each other. Both stories provide examples of doing so and show that even if you are doing what is most honorable, the consequences might not always be deserving.

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trekkingschuhe herren testsieger dating

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