Who is frank langella dating now

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who is frank langella dating now

Judging by this satisfyingly scandalous new memoir, Frank Langella has slept with, been propositioned by, or at least swapped dirty jokes with. Frank Langella dating history, , , list of Frank Langella relationships. Who is he dating right now? Frank Langella is currently single. Who is Frank Langella dating right now? According to our editor community, Frank Langella is currently single. Frank Langella dating history powered by Who's.

Universal Pictures He likes his women like a fine wine — aged. He bedded Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor at the end of their careers, befriended year-old Brooke Astor, and had phone foreplay with the legendary Bette Davis, who was 20 years his senior. She was in her mids, and playing his mother.

Frank Langella Attacks Hollywood Stars In Scathing Memoir

They spent every evening together over unending cocktails. Langella still managed to maintain a relationship with the actress for over two decades.

who is frank langella dating now

After too many diva-like scenes, Langella called their friendship off in Bancroft passed away in Though they were from different worlds — she was White House royalty originally from Southhampton, he was a poor Jersey kid from Bayonne — they hit it off.

Perhaps because of her lofty reputation, Langella made himself a fool around her. He wanted to make amends 20 years later after he saw her in a London restaurant, but she had been in ill health for a long time and his efforts went nowhere, which he now regrets.

Frank Langella

I remember seeing her at the Oscars to accept an honorary award around that time and she was indeed very frail. So far the only person whom he truly hated was Lee Strasberg, and apparently he wasn't alone. However, I thought it was incredibly petty and bitchy of Langella to also trash his performance in "Godfather II.

who is frank langella dating now

That set must have been one big bucket of crazy. The Raul Julia and Alan Bates chapters were very touching. I also liked the way he arranged the book -- by the person's name, and then a few pages about his impressions of him or her.

Made it an easy-breezy read. I thought he was gay before I read the memoir, but he doesn't mention it and otherwise seems so honest in his writing that I am re-thinking that opinion. Langella and La Davis shared an agent in the late 70s and they talked on the phone a few times, and FL said the conversations weren't all that memorable, and Davis had a habit of hanging up in his ear. Flash-forward to the late 80s. FL and Davis are in the same hotel lobby.

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By this time, BD was very old and frail and ill. She sat in a chair smoking a cig while waiting for her car. FL went up to her, said something like "You're a great actress blah blah blah" and BD didn't recognize him, just said "thank you.

who is frank langella dating now

Langella knew Clift lived in a town house on the next block and would help him home, once cradling Clift in his arms until he handed him over to his housekeeper.

So many get it confused with dementia. She once told him how she had been in a New York department store when she saw a woman smiling at her. No actor ever talked about himself so much, Langella recalls.

And perhaps none had so little time for his fans. Langella admits he had looked up to the stars of the British stage since a boy, only to be disappointed when he met them.

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And there was no more crushing disappointment, it seems, than Rex Harrison. He was just telling Sir Rex what a great honour it was to meet him when the British star cut him dead.

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Years later, Langella recalls, he sought out Harrison backstage at a theatre where he was performing and undaunted by their previous encounter delivered an impassioned speech on how Sir Rex had inspired him since he was a boy.

Harrison stood and listened.

who is frank langella dating now

As the hours wore on, Langella just wanted to get home. Langella was the count and Olivier, then 71, played the vampire-hunter Professor Van Helsing. The pair stayed in a drafty hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, during filming.

who is frank langella dating now

Suffice to say, Langella liked to sleep naked but made sure he quickly put on a pair of boxer shorts if he heard Olivier stirring next door.

Langella says the Ben Hur star had such an enormous ego that he would always greet fellow guests at a party as if he was the host. Langella last encountered him at a dinner honouring Olivier.