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free mormon dating orange county

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The book includes an account of the wars, Mormon's leading of portions of the Nephite army, and his retrieving and caring for the records.

free mormon dating orange county

Mormon is eventually killed after having handed down the records to his son Moroni. According to the text, Moroni then made an abridgment called the Book of Ether of a record from a previous people called the Jaredites.

The Jaredite civilization is presented as existing on the American continent beginning about BC, [55] —long before Lehi's family arrived shortly after BC—and as being much larger and more developed. The Book of Moroni then details the final destruction of the Nephites and the idolatrous state of the remaining society. Jesus is mentioned every 1.

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See Godhead Latter Day Saints. In furtherance of its theme of reconciling Jews and Gentiles to Jesus, the book describes a variety of visions or visitations to some early inhabitants in the Americas involving Jesus.

free mormon dating orange county

Most notable among these is a described visit of Jesus to a group of early inhabitants shortly after his resurrection.

Many other prophets in the book write of the reality of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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In the Bible, Jesus spoke to the Jews in Jerusalem of "other sheep" who would hear his voice. Among these themes are American exceptionalism.

free mormon dating orange county

According to the book, the Americas are portrayed as a "land of promise", the world's most exceptional land of the time. However, they were never to "give an offense," or to "raise their sword As part of this effort, a new edition was printed with the added subtitle "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". Hinckley challenged each member of the church to re-read the Book of Mormon before the year's end.

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Since the late s, church members have been encouraged to read from the Book of Mormon daily. This passage is sometimes referred to as "Moroni's Promise".

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free mormon dating orange county

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free mormon dating orange county

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