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Get a Grip on Taxes. Universal Orlando is an amazing vacation destination for travelers of all ages. Go to the main page, and select the chat that you liked. Half the time those dates are a less than pleasant experience. We would like to thank our informants, Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Viktoria Tsapar Yulia Marchenko for the information they provided that enabled this post.

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Often headache, confusion, and difficulty remembering recent events. Koichi suspects it to be a paranormal force and places a mound of salt in Haruka's room, filming it without her knowledge.

The next morning the salt is scattered and while reviewing the film they see the salt scatter with no visible means. Koichi begins to investigate further by filming Haruka sleep, though she disapproves and eventually insists he grow up and stop believing in supernatural nonsense until a drinking glass breaks during dinner. Reluctantly, Haruka lets Koichi film her during the night again, this time recording the curtain beside her bed moving and the blanket being pulled from the bed.

Misuzu remarks feeling a strange presence at the Yamanos' house and Koichi asks if she can investigate the demon haunting Haruka.

After examining Haruka's room, Misuzu claims she has never felt a presence like this before and suddenly plugs her ears, screaming and foaming at the mouth, and quickly leaves. Through the internet Koichi finds and contacts a Shinto priest to perform a purification ceremony.


That night while doing homework Koichi is alerted to the presence of someone in the house, on the first floor. He goes to investigate and finds ceiling lamps flickering and very loud music blaring from the radio in the living room. The Shinto priest arrives to their house to perform the purification ceremony. The priest tells them the presence has likely settled down and assures the two that they have nothing to fear.

The following nights progresses with no incidents. After a couple of days, Shigeyuki returns home from his business trip. On night 12, Haruka's wheelchair moves towards the camera and cuts it off. Haruka and Koichi review the footage and realize that the presence has not gone. Koichi tries contacting the Shinto priest but is told the priest died of a heart attack after leaving them.

The next night, the events worsen when Haruka is violently dragged out of bed by her hair by a force she believes to be under her bed.

The two siblings consider leaving the house. Haruka tries to contact Shigeyuki but he is not answering his cellphone. Haruka then recalls Katie, a woman involved in the same car accident that cut her trip short, and after searching her name on the Internet, believes that the demon that had possessed her is now targeting Haruka.

She reveals to Koichi that she experienced similar strange phenomena while recuperating in the hospital in America. Haruka tells Koichi to escape without her if the demon attacks them both.