Elaan movie 2005 online dating

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elaan movie 2005 online dating

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows Elaan () Mithun Chakraborty, Rahul Khanna, Ameesha Patel, Arjun Rampal, Lara Dutta, and Rahul .. Release Date: . Rent Elaan () film for FREE as part of our trial offer. Check member ratings, watch trailer of Elaan movie. DVD rental. Rent Elaan Online DVD Rental. Release date. 14 January (). Running time. minutes. Country, India. Language, Hindi. Elaan (Translation:Declaration) is a Indian Hindi action thriller film. Elaan is a mission film.

So, I didn't think this was a bad film. The multiple location approach made for great scenery although I had to laugh when they gave the impression that Venice and the Swiss Alps are around the corner from each other and gave a bit of a air to the story.

elaan movie 2005 online dating

What drew me to the movie was the cast. I hadn't seen much of their earlier work, so this was a good chance to see what they could do. Rahul Khanna holds his own as does Arjun Rampal, so hopefully this will lead to more films for both of them.


Amisha Patel and Lara Dutta are good enough. It's not their faults if some of their dialog is lame. John Abraham is good at being angry, fighting, and looking sexy in songs, but other than that, he's not believable. Even his voice seemed monotone at times as if he was just reading the lines in the playback. It's really Mithun Chakraborthy who is the star of this film. He nailed his role as the bad guy by showing that fear can be generated without shouting at people all the time.

I really believed his character's evil mind. Thank goodness they didn't make him sing and dance Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

elaan movie 2005 online dating

One more time Sholay has been revisited shehzada0 6 February One more Masala movie released on the same day along with another masala movie Insan. One more time Sholay has been revisited and that too by Vikram Bhatt whose every movie is plagiarize of a Hollywood pictures and even this time also there are so many scenes which are lifted from different Hollywood products.

Even Sholay was a mixture of 2 to 3 Hollywood movies i. The Seven Samurai, The magnificent 7, Once upon in a west. This time the Thakur role is played by Rahul Khanna, Jai and Veeru roles are played by Arjun Rampal and John Abraham and Gabbar role went to the Legendary Actor Mithun Chakraborty who has made a comeback in A grade movies with Elaan and will win the nomination in the best villain category.

He has given a remarkable performance after Gudiyareleased in Rahul Khanna has debuted in the commercial cinema with this movie and has done a great job. He performed his role with confidence. John Abraham has gone overboard in few sequences and also in his introductory action scene which is a lift from First Blood 3 a. I think Vikram like that action scene because he used that action scene in Awara Pagal Deewana for Sunil Shettys introductory action scene.

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Arjun Rampal is functional and has given a conventional performance. Arjun recommends that the second man involved be Abhimanyu John Abrahamwho is currently in Vashi Jail and had been Baba's chauffeur and hitman before being framed by Baba and his associates following a failed job. Abhimanyu is rescued in broad daylight by Arjun and his men, who were pretending to be doctors, on the pretext of a medical checkup The escapade takes place dramatically, in a style adopted from the film Spy Game to spring Elizabeth Hadley Catherine McCormack from a Chinese prison.

Arjun and Karan convince Abhimanyu to help them with vital information about Baba and his gang in return for a heavy payment. He reluctantly agrees to do so. The trio then go to Venice where Baba is said to be, based on Abhimanyu's information. There, Abhimanyu meets his girlfriend Sonia Lara Dutta and tries backing out of the mission by passing of Sonia as Baba's girlfriend who wants a huge amount of money for the information she would supposedly provide.

Elaan (2005)

Thus, under this pretext, he double crosses Arjun and Karan, takes the money, and tries escaping with the money along with Sonia. Before he can do so, both he and Sonia are kidnapped by Baba and his men. Priya Amisha Patela press reporter from Aaj Tak, looking for a story on Karan earlier, has followed the two there, using a satellite tracker for mobile phones.

elaan movie 2005 online dating

She meets them and tells them about Abhimanyu's deceit. Despite this, The three go to rescue Abhimanyu and Sonia, in a lengthy gunfight and high speed car chase. Karan and Arjun are angry at Abhimanyu's betrayal, however the latter apologizes and agrees to help them in return for their saving his life since he intends to settle scores with Salim Chunky Pandeyone of Baba's trusted aides who had been instrumental in helping Baba set him up. The five then go and apprehend Salim and after some effort, he divulges at gunpoint that Baba is in Munich.

Abhimanyu then shoots him for his betrayal. Karan finds Baba in Munich and tells him about Salim's death much to Baba's devastation, reiterating his warning that he would fulfil his promise of bringing the latter back to India at any cost. In course of time, the group become good friends. Acting on a tip, when they go to Baba's guest house in Munich to catch him red handed, they are fooled and are then surrounded by Baba and his men.

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A lengthy gunfight follows, in the course of which, Arjun dies while getting into a jeep. Baba now warns Karan to leave him alone and save his own life and that of the others while there is still time.

Devastated, Karan feels that bringing the others on the mission was a big mistake, much to Abhimanyu's fury. However he takes a final stand as Priya motivates him not to give up the fight at this point, reasoning that he had always been right, once when he had asked his father not to give in to Baba's demands and even now, when he had decided to gather the group to bring Baba back to India.

elaan movie 2005 online dating