Ncis la 5x18 online dating

NCIS LA Episode Summary and Analysis : 5x18 Zero Days

ncis la 5x18 online dating

Will Eric yet again be forced to “break the internet” or perhaps tackle a far greater sindee · 5x18 - Zero Days, Season 5 Mar 19 . spiral, it was certainly enough to start the serial dating we know Kensi to be famous for. Ira Wells is shot while playing an online game with Eric Beale is shot. . his Scallen time because of his growing intimacy with blind-date Joel. Main · Videos; Excel dating network radio educadora online dating ouvir radio educadora online dating ncis la 5x18 online dating ncis la 5x18 online dating.

ncis la 5x18 online dating

It is surprising for the viewers that the White Ghost who is supposed to be helping Taliban are hitting him. Anyways, when Jack is tied and thrown along with Kensi, she emotionally meets Jack and reminds him of their days together as Fiance -Fiancee, people in love, ready to get married. Somehow it doesn't touch my heart as emotional, but completely dramatic development.

It was not convincing enough. For me emotional would have been showing anger with questions like Why did you leave me? Why didn't you think of contacting me again? And then Jack's answers would have made sense to me.

But Jack tells her that man is gone and is no more. The man in front of her is a different man and now follows Islam, sees the futility of war, is married to a local woman and has a child. His wife is now dead. He asks Kensi why is she here. Kensi, tells him the truth that she is there to kill him as he is the White Ghost and that no one ones that she came alone this far to see him.

The Taliban come and take him away after Kensi reveals that information. Clearly Kensi broke all rules. Where is her sense of integrity for the mission?

ncis la 5x18 online dating

Even if she knew Jack personally and trusts him, if she had planned to come to meet him all alone without any weapon, then she must have thought of what to tell Jack inspite of her total trust on him. And going by her emotions, Kensi is not yet over with Jack. I am really surprised, how she thought she could have something with Deeks and why all that possessiveness.

This is not a shocker to me for the Densi arc. This is like a show-stopper and mental rewind for all that Densi was ever. Its not that people cannot feel for their past loves.

But there is that sense of distance of time expressed in mannerism and language. And that is missing.

Ncis La 5X18 Online Dating

Then question is she is frozen on one point, was she ever responding warmly to Deeks? What was her possessiveness about? Granger leads a search and rescue team on trail of Kensi. He sees that she ditched her lifeline, the satellite phone.

ncis la 5x18 online dating

Callen and his time with Joel and how Sam cannot help gloating about how all this worked out for Callen, his only submissive listener being Deeks. Eric Beale is the Smart Guy again. Read my post here.

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ncis la 5x18 online dating

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Ncis La 5X18 Online Dating

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