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The Gotei 13 vs. Aizen - Bleach

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New Matchups: Naruto vs Bleach? | Yahoo Answers

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Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto vs. Wonderweiss Margela

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That wasn't very nice I do believe you've killed my hat--Kisuke Urahara and i wonder if he fixed that hat or got a new one answer that Tite Kubo. Worry not fans there'll be more My playlist of bleach: Blow me Away Killswitch Engage: Bring me to Life GodSmack: I Stand Alone, Voodoo Nickleback: This is how you Remind me, Hero Rise-Against: Uryu get a grip on life and date Nemu Kurotsuchi because i want you to end of story don't argue with crazy fans To answer you question i am crazy Kisuke never take off the hat of awsomeness and make out with Yoruichi because then there is no more racial tension in Bleach Tosen stay dead you blind racist Komomora Get a Better Bankai P.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi get yourself a woman who blinds you with science Shinji you are not a pimp and your family wants you to come home, don't listen to them though because you belong to the fans Yachiru keep up the good work and at one point you need to kill someone and make them look like a retard Grand Fisher is a woman beater not funny hum.

Grimjov what is your problem you panther bitch Ulquiorra you are one sick son of a bitch and you need to wash your face of those tears you woss Orihime die alone and leave Ichigo alone, nothing personal find someone else and quick Chad Ikkaku bald people have no soul because it escaped through your head Kago what are you going to do if you get charged with sexual assault Chad should play on the guitar for he is awesome Chad made it across the border and no one will attempt to stop him I have developed a saying for Chad that he will never say "I'm going to punch you in the stomach with your face!

I think that Shinji and Hiyori should have a bad romance together just to make the story much more interesting and dramatic plus she will hit him hundreds of times more and we all want that Hachigen is the only one in the whole bleach story line who is black with pink hair kinda gay Matsumoto you are loose and I LOVE IT even though you turn on an old friend of mine Creepy i know but a good friend of mine loves Rangiku Toshiro grow up physicaly not mentaly Momo simply kick some ass Yumichika what the hell is your problem one day when you're asleep i'll give you a bad face lift.

I know its mean but I don't care Chappy is a psycho bitch Szayel is a pink haired little gay tard Ichigo in his new hollow form, Grimmjow when releasing Pantera, Aizen when he "hatches" from the Hogyoku New name for the Hogyoku Now we just don't want him to make a new one. This is just some idioticy that i have noticed on bleach because i have that kind of time.

Aizen vs yamamoto yahoo dating

When Uryu is fighting Jin Kariya and Ron Tou's spiritual energy goes out of control why doesn't he just fire that arrow at Kariya and kill him instead of wasteing it Uryu for this you are a dumb son of a bitch and deserve to die a vergin. More stupidity ladies and gentalmen why during the fight between Kariya and Ichigo when Maki interupts them does Ichigo keep holding his sword in the air like he's going to take revenge against the wind, come on Ichigo cut the bastard while he has his guard down and Maki needs to die anyway for he fought Kenpachi you are the only one who gets to live.

Why does Zenoske Kuromadani live Yeah that's right that's it got a problem with it! Another unessicary moment of bleach stupidity, what the fuck is up with Di Roy's teeth?

I mean i know that he has to look different from humans cause he's an Arrancar but Aizen should come up with a fucking dental plan for that dumb ass. Or a better idea break in all of his creepy god damned teeth and give that retard some dentures or something. With any luck there won't be more of these because bleach is awsome!

Time for some Bleach logic: This is my serious time frame and i wish to discuss what i believe to be the most logical things about bleach that isn't discussed, so enjoy, I ORDER IT! I personaly think that Barragan was a Vasto Lorde Hollow that Aizen found becuase of his powers and the fact that as a hollow he looked much like a humanoid type hollow.