Intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

“Caminhos para combater a intolerância religiosa no Brasil” é o tema da redação do exame deste ano

intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

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In what concerns the Evangelic church, the communication is unilateral: The building elected for the construction of the mosque used to be a one floor familial medicine factory, with a small space in its upper floor where father and son lived. In the Association, no importance is attached to this: In order to support the religious temple, though, significant changes had to be made in its structure: There was the first floor and a small area constructed on the upper part of the roof, with about 60m2.

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  • “Caminhos para combater a intolerância religiosa no Brasil” é o tema da redação do exame deste ano

This small area was demolished, to become the second floor. We had to make the structural reinforcement of the roof, so it could support the construction. According to the engineer, constructing a mosque is unalike all his previous works: Before the beginning of the construction, the Association handled him a project, which had been previously approved by the city hall.

The mosque functions as a diffusion instrument itself, attracting the attention of passers-by and neighbourhood residents. Crowned by a cupola and minarets, it is aesthetically at odds with its urban environment, unquestionably and intentionally standing out in the neighbourhood and the city.

This concern was explicit in the speech of the engineer when the building was being constructed: I feel they give a lot of importance to the finishing and the minarets. They will have this system of illumination, there is the sound… [the adhan]. All this is because for him it is very important that it is very visible. Imposing, it is higher then the Catholic and the Evangelical church.

Indeed, SBMRJ aims at constructing a mosque that will clearly detach itself from other religious temples in the street and beyond. Competition between the scale and potency of religious temples can be observed 27 Idem 28 District in the municipality of Duque de Caxias in the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 50 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Differently from these cases, here it is not exactly a matter of competition between religious denominations over the urban space.

intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

This explains, at least partially, why an Association whose amount of devotees regularly frequenting its Friday Prayer is not superior then one hundred constructs a building with the capacity of hosting fifteen times this number.

In the urban space, sound and music create what Martijn Oosterbaan As De Witte argues, architecture has a great impact on the soundscape. This is explicit in the case of mosques, whose call for prayers are emitted from the top of minarets.

In Rio, as the building is still under construction, the call for prayers takes place inside the mosque. Once the minarets are functional, the entire area will be submerged by an alien sound that, by its high degree of extraneity, will occupy the urban space with more force then other familiar sounds.

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At the moment, the aural sacred space established by the call for prayers and the prayers themselves is contained within the physical boundaries of the mosque, where they generate a very specific environment, helping create a feeling of belonging to the Muslim community Motivated by a recent family trip to Syria and Lebanon, Arab descendants of the community transmitted him their ideas as well.

The last phases of this work consisted in an empirical study of certain buildings of the Centro, which could prove the former existence of architecture with clear Islamic influences in the city This line of thinking acknowledges the existence of a transnational community of believers, the Ummah. As Hamit Bozarslan The analysis of the funding of the mosque, for instance, revealed how, by putting the stress on belonging to the Ummah instead of acknowledging an Islamic State38, SBMRJ creates operational networks with Islamic institutions worldwide which are ideologically close to it.

Catholic churches, Spiritist centers and afro-Brazilian cult houses. In addition to being multiethnic, this religious community constantly receives the visit of foreign Muslims doing tourism or business in the city, as well as Islamic missionaries who share its religious views The presence of these foreigners provides the local community with a tangible experience of belonging to a global community of Muslims.

Currently, he dedicates most of his time to the study of the religion as well as the Arabic language. It is not trivial that the image of this mosque is the wallpaper of all the computers I have seen in the Association and at the houses of its members.

Intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

The conversation between the Japanese and him passed necessarily by the presence of a third person until the moment they decided to recite to each other the Quran surates they knew by heart. Thus, one who chants the verses of the Quran is not chanting words about God, but, as these words are His essence, is chanting God himself Geertz, Sharing a common faith expressed in a common language approached a Brazilian man and a Japanese girl who feel their own compatriots fail to understand them.

Their encounter reinforced the feeling of belonging to a religious community at the same time it acted as proof that belonging to the Ummah is more relevant then any boundary created by men, such as ethnicity, nationality or social class. It was the first time an event of this nature occurred in Brazil. The local media and the shocked population rapidly suspected the killer of belonging to a Muslim group: A few hours after the incident, Sami gave an interview to Radio Globo, declaring his concern about the impact of these accusations: First of all, he was not a Muslim, he did not frequent the mosque here in Rio de Janeiro, and nobody recognizes him as a Muslim.

The priority was to untie the confusion between the assassin and Islam. This pattern repeated itself in all interviews accorded to the media by members of the different Muslim institutions in the country.

intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

As Sami, he denounced an unfair treatment towards Islam in comparison to other religions. They expressed the profound regrets of the Muslim community, reassuring Brazilian society by affirming Islam condemns all kinds of violence. Such reminder was necessary to the extent that those who could be recognized as Muslims in the streets —notably the veiled women — were object of threats and aggressions from stunned passers-by who identified them with the shooting and, beyond, with global acts of terrorism Similarly, he has wooed his female fans by his intensive workout through his Instagram where he has shown his daily workouts regime.

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intolerancia religiosa yahoo dating

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