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Venezuela opposition plots next moves against Maduro

"Whether you have money or not, you've got problems. After that date, a successful recall vote would simply pass power to Maduro's hand-picked Senior opposition leader Henrique Capriles was on the northern island of. Capriles, responding to the ban in the company of other opposition the other opposition leaders have the profile or influence of Capriles or Lopez, has repeatedly favored Maduro's government, has not set a date for state. After years of polarized politics dating from predecessor Hugo Chavez's A curt handshake between opposition leader Henrique Capriles and "Time will tell if this was for TV, just a photo opportunity, or if there really is an.

As the interim president of Venezuela, Maduro also has at his disposal state slush funds, an extremely efficient get-out-the-vote operation and virtually unlimited airtime on state-owned media as he campaigns for the presidency.

State and local governments would be forced to divert some of their resources to the communes, which could take over functions like running social programs and educational initiatives. Nicolas Maduro Wins Venezuelan Presidential Election He was president for 14 years and is now lying in state at a military academy where the government says more than 2 million supporters have viewed it since Wednesday. Ruling-camp officials said the allegations of electoral impropriety were part of a US-sponsored plot to destabilise the country and undermine the legitimacy of its elected leader.

Maduro has a lot going his way. These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionOpposition candidate Henrique Capriles said the government would do anything to hold on to power The two men vying to replace the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, have addressed tens of thousands of people on the first official day of campaigning for this month's election.

Nicolas Maduro Wins Venezuelan Presidential Election HuffPost Response[ edit ] After the election results were announced, car horns blared and fireworks were lit by Chavistas as celebrations took place in downtown Caracas. He has criticized the Venezuelan government for making aggressive statements about the U. Capriles is definitely the face of Washington inside Venezuela.

EN VIVO - Henrique Capriles se pronuncia sobre el anuncio de Maduro

Maduro is also said to be a close ally of Cuban leader Raul Castro. But opposition leaders argue that these polls are using data gathered at the end of March, when Maduro was still basking in sympathy for the death of Chavez. The communes would also run their own courts. Some analysts believe Maduro might eventually try to ease tensions with Western investors and the United States. Polls suggest Mr Maduro has a lead of 14 points over Mr Capriles, with the remaining five candidates for the presidency trailing far behind.

Chavez evoked The official campaign has just begun, but the two main candidates have already been holding events since Mr Chavez died of cancer on 5 March after 14 years in office.

At the wake, Venezuelans strained for a glimpse of Chavez, many welling up in tears as they reached his casket. In every country people are very short-sighted.

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So in that sense the fact that he is promoting a free capitalist ideology for Venezuela would have the effect of bringing in a lot of international capital into Venezuela, but Venezuela will cease to be the country it is now.

He is also very tied in with Zionist powers, especially in Israel. Maduro and Capriles Explainer - ABC News But Capriles -- who had accepted defeat when Chavez beat him by 11 points in October polls -- cited a list of some 3, "incidents" that took place during the vote.

The year-old former foreign minister declared that he secured a "fair, legal, constitutional" victory. Both candidates had pledged during the campaign to accept the results. Image caption Mr Maduro met Hugo Chavez's family and supporters in the late president's hometown "We can say out loud that our people have never betrayed Hugo Chavez. The BBC's Irene Caselli in Caracas says even though these are the first elections without the presence of Mr Chavez for almost two decades, he continues to dominate the campaign.

Mr Maduro has continually invoked the memory of Mr Chavez and called himself his son and apostle, while Mr Capriles has told his supporters that Mr Maduro is not as competent as the late president.

Venezuela Socialists' election strategy? Block adversaries

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT. Worsening turmoil could, in turn, endanger the sizeable interests of Brazilian companies in Venezuela.

They include conglomerate Odebrecht SA. The clearest example to date of Brazil's changing tack came at a gathering of regional leaders for the inauguration of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet earlier this month. Maduro had said he wanted presidents from Unasur, a South American regional body, to meet while in Chile and issue a declaration of support for his government.

However, Rousseff was cool to the idea and left Chile just hours after Bachelet was inaugurated. Maduro unexpectedly changed his plans and did not travel to Chile at all. They condemned violence and expressed "condolences" to the victims, the Venezuelan people and, lastly, "the democratically elected government.

It was also heavy on language calling for peace and respect for human rights, while urging "all political forces" to engage in dialogue. Such nuances carry significant meaning for both sides of the political divide in Venezuela. As Chavez did before him, Maduro has frequently sought regional support in times of trouble.

WIDER IMAGE: Maduro's awkward TV shows raise hackles amid Venezuela crisis

Unasur's more favorable statement last April was key to shoring up his legitimacy at home following a disputed presidential election. Governments in Mexico and Peru have also publicly urged Maduro to talk more with the opposition in recent weeks. Others, such as Argentina and Nicaragua, have supported him more unconditionally. Brazil's economic size and its status as a role model for pragmatic leftist policies in Latin America give it significant influence. Henrique Capriles, the Venezuelan opposition's leading figure, has pointed to Brazil's ruling Workers Party as having the kind of policies he would embrace if elected, although his coalition includes more conservative elements.