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Edited Transcript of ULBI earnings conference call or presentation 2-Aug pm GMT

ulbi yahoo dating

Edited Transcript of ULBI earnings conference call or presentation 2-Nov . which reflect the company's analysis only as of today's date. Discover historical prices for ULBI stock on Yahoo Finance. View daily Ultralife Corporation (ULBI) Date, Open, High, Low, Close*, Adj Close**, Volume. Edited Transcript of ULBI earnings conference call or presentation 2-Aug . which reflect the company's analysis only as of today's date.

Ultralife Corporation (ULBI)

Army's Security Force Assistance Brigades to fulfill awards announced in As a percentage of total revenues, consolidated gross margin was Gross margin was As a percentage of revenues, operating expenses represented The improvement reflects our continued tight control over discretionary spending.

Operating margin was 7. The 50 basis point improvement is comprised of the leverage in operating expenses to sales, partially offset by the decrease in gross margin resulting from product mix. The improvement is primarily due to the strengthening of the U.

ulbi yahoo dating

Our NOL remains fully eligible for offset against our future profits for tax purposes going forward. Also driven by our solid operating performance, the company's liquidity remains strong.

In summary, the actions we are taking to drive profitable growth are apparent in our first half results. Our intent remains on driving volume and sales through further organic and synergistic initiatives to unleash the full leverage potential of our business model.

I will now turn it back to Mike. Forwe continue to be focused on increasing our revenue growth opportunities through market and sales reach expansion, new product development, and potential acquisitions. Looking at Q2 ofmedical device battery and charger product shipments continued to encompass a wide range of applications, including breathing devices, infusion pumps, medical carts, digital imaging, automatic external defibrillators and surgical robotics.

Behind most of the medical devices for these applications are long-standing customer relationships, and even though there are typically lengthy multi-year development and qualification processes, as long as we perform, once full production is underway, we get fairly consistent revenue streams and decent up ahead visibility, which helps us run our businesses better.

We also continue to pursue other non-medical commercial end markets, including industrial equipment, safety and security, metering and sensors, asset tracking, in-transport entertainment, drones and UAVs, and the Internet of Things.

We are encouraged by the high activity levels across several Defense Department contracting channels as positive indicators of a potential for U. We also continue to enhance our customer relationships with ongoing product development collaboration both in the development of brand-new products, and the advancement of existing products, that help our customers expand their competitive advantage in terms of safety, reliable performance, and economics.

And progress continued in Q2 on numerous projects such as product validation for a next-generation military communications radio battery with a large defense OEM; the completion of initial cell builds for the latest non-rechargeable BA and BA battery contracts received from DLA inwith the anticipation of submitting first article samples for testing in the second half of ; development of a next-generation energy storage battery, which is being quoted by a channel partner into several border security and hybrid energy storage applications; initiation of a patient monitoring device custom battery pack for a major medical OEM with production expected beginning later in ; and an engagement for a body-worn asset tracking device for use in the petrochemical sector.

Lastly, work continues on the new products and the associated manufacturing capabilities that will serve Internet of Things applications, including the rapidly growing wireless devices market, as well as next-generation smoke alarms, asset tracking devices and metering.

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At our Newark, New York facility, the strategic Cap-Ex investment in key automation equipment for use in the high-volume production of our premium 3-volt product entered the design and fabrication phase, with delivery on track for the second-half of Low volume equipment production to support product qualification builds in partnership with customers is expected to start during the second half ofwith higher volume U. At our China facility, in addition to the multi-generational product planning evolution of an existing China-produced lithium manganese dioxide 3-volt cell, we are also moving forward with an MGPP upgrade of our thionyl chloride cells for serving newly-identified commercial and industrial applications.

ulbi yahoo dating

Again, our goal is to produce highest-value proposition, best quality, and safest products, in which ever of our global locations that best serve the supply chain of our OEM customers and their end markets.

Sustained military spending and overall stronger budgets are driving increases in demand for communications equipment as part of re-tooling and maintenance activities. We remain positioned to serve these efforts with technically-innovative products of proven performance that enhance the soldiers' communications range and operational flexibility. Major initiatives to improve radio capability for the Army and Special Operations Forces are focused within the leader radio, the HMS manpack and the STC radio programs, each providing potential opportunities for our products at program launch, and throughout the life cycle of the radios.

Internationally, opportunities continue to grow with the militaries of several NATO and allied countries, as spending increases, and they also look to upgrade, improved interoperability with new radio platforms, and enhanced overall readiness.

ulbi yahoo dating

Institutional investors commonly compare their own returns to the returns of a commonly followed index. So they generally do consider buying larger companies that are included in the relevant benchmark index. This suggests some credibility amongst professional investors.

What Kind Of Shareholders Own Ultralife Corporation (NASDAQ:ULBI)?

It is not uncommon to see a big share price drop if two large institutional investors try to sell out of a stock at the same time.

So it is worth checking the past earnings trajectory of Ultralife, below. Of course, keep in mind that there are other factors to consider, too. That catches my attention because hedge funds sometimes try to influence management, or bring about changes that will create near term value for shareholders. Insider Ownership Of Ultralife While the precise definition of an insider can be subjective, almost everyone considers board members to be insiders. Company management run the business, but the CEO will answer to the board, even if he or she is a member of it.

ulbi yahoo dating

Most consider insider ownership a positive because it can indicate the board is well aligned with other shareholders. However, on some occasions too much power is concentrated within this group. Story continues We can see that insiders own shares in Ultralife Corporation.

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Some would say this shows alignment of interests between shareholders and the board, though I generally prefer to see bigger insider holdings. But it might be worth checking if those insiders have been selling. This size of ownership, while considerable, may not be enough to change company policy if the decision is not in sync with other large shareholders.