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y aún los villamelones que no ven un solo partido en la temporada, pero que mandatos paternos, date cuenta que no fuiste tú quien los creó y tus comentarios y sugerencias en [email protected] "SOY. Registrant Email: [email protected]; Domain Name: .. Domain Name:; Admin Email. villamelones yahoo dating She managed to avoid being nominated early on in the series with exception of the fourth round of nominations but towards the.

But Cindy Sheehan goes way beyond protesting! I saw a video of her talking to some middle school kids telling them that America is not worth fighting and dying for.

That made me sick! You know,to work against the recruitment of troops in time of war is a crime called subversion, to aid and abet the enemy is called treason, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, that long haired professor are all guilty of both, and they should be tried and convicted of treason and subversion. John, finally, one thing we agree on! Can that be possible! I agree with you that these things should be put in writing. I also agree in that a vegetative life, one that is kept artificially by way of a respirator or something of that sort, should not be kept like that.

Terri Schiavo, however, was breathing on her own, her heart was beating on its own, if she had been hooked to a machine to keep her lungs and heart artificially pumping, I would be all for disconnecting those machines and letting her die peacefully.

But all she required was food and water, she was brutally and purposefully murdered by starvation and thirst, a death so cruel not even animals are allowed to die like that in this country! There is a reason for why I greatly doubt the published autopsy reports, I already mentioned the main reason, the love and lack thereof, but another reason is because her husband staunchily opposed her mom and dad and brother getting an independent doctor perform an autopsy as well for a second opinion.

Why did he oppose that? She was already dead! I think that he was afraid of another autopsy report finding evidence that not only would support what those that loved her said all the way, but that he had put her in that state to begin with. Man, that guy's handling of all this is so murky I don't trust anything he says, and those that were with him had such an agenda, that I believe their reports were tainted His virulent opposition to her treatment and an independent autopsy and the agenda of those on his side cast deep shadows on what was publicized.

I, for my part, would never leave my mom and brother and sisters out of a decision to end it all for me simply because I know they love me unconditionally, and after seeing they way that Schiavo guy so callously treated Terri's family, there is no way I would ever leave that possibility, of them being so cruelly mishandled, open!

That's because I love them and I know they love me. I would pray that my children would never leave me out of a desicion like that, because they know and I know I truly love them and I would only want what is best for them. Of course, Sandra wouldn't put my family through what Shciavo put his wife's family through to begin with, but I would want my family to take part in any desicion, they are my flesh and blood. I agree, there is no way of knowing what was discussed between Terri and her husband, and there's no facts there I could substanciate.

But this is a 'rights' issue that I support. If Goddess forbid I or my spouce is ever in a proven vegetative state, I would want our wishes carried out over those of my parents, sibblings or any religious sect.

I know she would be choosing the right think, regardless of her motivations. The only true way to know the intent in a situation like that is to have it clearly documented way before such an event occurs which both my wife and I already have. I recommend that to everyone, especially you Alex, if you ever have to see combat.

Don't let others decide for you. The facts I was alluding to was the autopsy report which you stated, "I don't believe the published reports of the autopsy," and instead believe a video of a woman in a vegetative state, having a involuntary physical reaction to any stimulus, as more factual to her ability to being cured.

Sorry, that's your belief system taking over and overpowering logic and scientific data. But, we've beaten this subject to death. Yes, sadly so, there is way to win. But isn't this a great country where we can actually debate these issues? I am flattered that you actually remember me and that I left any impression on you. I, on the other hand, have no recollection of you, either negative or positive. Hopefully, you'll have something intellectual to add on this board other than your sophmoric quips.

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